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Acupuncture Services

Initial Visit:

We schedule your first visit for 60 minutes; my practice combines traditional Chinese acupuncture and Japanese style meridian balance techniques.  In the first visit we begin with a detailed interview and evaluation regarding your main complaint and history.  However, with eastern medicine we look at you holistically in nature, including mind, body and spirit. My belief is to treat you according to the theories of “roots and branches”.  Balance the root or constitution of the patient and then treat the branch, which is typically just the complaint.  Getting back to proper function to help ensure long term health is our goal.

We use a Computerized Acugraph Digital Meridian Imaging System to analyze and document the energetic status of your acupuncture meridians.  You will receive this computerized examination and given your results with a print out.  I like to think of this as an MRI or Xray of your energetics, ancient wisdom meets cutting-edge technology. With this information, we can make better informed decisions about your condition and provide the best treatment possible.  We also do traditional tongue diagnosis and palpation as part of your exam.

Based on the findings, you will be treated possibly with acupuncture, percussive vibration therapy, cupping, Gua sha (think scrapping or Graston), non-needle acupuncture with micro-current, laser, infra-red heat, auricular (ear acupuncture) with micro-current or laser, neuropuncture, dry needing or a combination of some or all of the above. We use the gentlest of techniques to ensure that anyone can receive the best eastern care no matter their level of comfort.

After the initial visit, I will recommend what I think is the best way to proceed.  You will make your own decision based on many factors, and I will be happy to discuss all your concerns and goals.

Follow Up Visits:

Follow up visits will be scheduled on 30 minute appointments and will include all of the above excluding the long detailed history and evaluation. The Acupgraph Digital Imaging will be used occasionally to monitor the expected changes we anticipate to see.

Thrive Clinic Fees:

New Patient Visit: 60 minutes, $150.

Office Visit, Regular: 30 minutes, $80.

I follow evidence based-functional medicine and place emphasis on physiology, anatomy, and biomechanics using western and eastern approaches to health care. I refer often to other practitioners to help with possible lab work or other medical interventions if needed. I also employ mind body techniques using Qi Gong and mindfulness meditation as well as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or tapping) for emotional support and balance.

I look forward to meeting you and working together to help restore your health and vitality. Remember the body has the capacity to help heal itself and my job is open up the healer within you!

Acupuncture Intake