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Insurance Policy

At Thrive, we are committed to ensuring your patient experience is exceptional and that you have the best possible access to treatment and care, focusing on your overall health and well-being.

As an out-of-network practice, we are committed to helping our patients maximize the access and quality to care, while keeping costs low. Our financial policies do not reflect mainstream medicine in that we are a cash pay practice and do not contract with any insurance carriers (other than for lab services). Therefore, we are not a participating provider with any insurance carrier and are not contractually tied to a predetermined service list or bound to carrier’s reimbursement schedule.

How does it work?

Thrive patients will pay for their visit or treatment at the time of service. Upon completion of your visit, if the service/treatment is eligible to be submitted to an insurance carrier, our staff will file your claim for you as a courtesy.  If your specific insurance plan has an out-of-network benefit, your carrier may reimburse you based on that schedule for the services provided in our office. Because all insurance plans operate differently and have different schedules of benefits,  it will be important to speak with your carrier before receiving services in order to obtain the most clear understanding of the reimbursement.  Thrive cannot guarantee the monetary amount, if any, that will be reimbursed to you by your insurance carrier for services rendered.

Why this approach?

We want to build a relationship with you, not your insurance company. This model helps us spend more quality time with you, the patient, and be more comprehensively committed to your overall health and well-being. Our appointment times range from thirty to ninety minutes, based on your needs. You’ll leave your appointment knowing that we have done our best to address all your concerns.

We understand the financial challenges that healthcare costs present in today’s world. We use a hybrid model in which you as the patient can be reimbursed for the traditional medical services we offer and be able to take advantage of the cutting edge medical approaches all under one roof.  With no annual or monthly fees, you are able to take advantage of whatever best suites your situation-you do not have to “join” Thrive to get access to quality medical care. Contact your insurance company to find out more about what the out-of-network benefits are for your plan.

Helping you feel your best is our first priority. Health insurance companies affect patient care indirectly by driving what tests, medications, and procedures doctors can use to diagnose and treat patients. By using the out-of-network model, we are able to look at your needs as a patient, give you access to a full range of options, and then help you decide what comes next.

Your time is valuable. Because of time constraints and other requirements, traditional healthcare models sometimes dictate separate appointments for consults, lab appointments, exams, etc. This means your physician may need to schedule several appointments to address one issue. At Thrive, we are able to address multiple concerns in one appointment, ultimately saving you time and money.


As a courtesy, your insurance claim forms will be filed by our billing coordinator, Tangula Shipman. You may email her prior to your appointment if you would like to determine if you have any out-of-network benefit.   You may also email her to follow-up on a claim question or for any other billing related inquiry.

If you have any questions regarding your insurance, please email Tangula.