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Nervous System Resetting

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Nervous System Resetting

Why reset your nervous system?

Have you been eating right, exercising, meditating, taking supplements, and feeling like you’re still not where you want to be with your well-being?

You may need a nervous system reset.

Your nervous system is composed of billions of cells and is involved in every bodily process. The nervous system stores vast amounts of information, including memories, emotions, and energy. Cognitive neuroscientists have found that 95% of brain activity is subconscious, and roughly 5% is conscious. Much of our operating patterns are based on the subconscious level of the nervous system.

Think of your body as a giant computer; the nervous system is the hard drive. The body tends to follow when the nervous system is balanced and running smoothly. But if the nervous system is overloaded and on constant alert, the body and brain can start to feel overloaded and imbalanced. This can manifest as chronic stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue and exhaustion, and disease.

But there is hope! You can get to know your nervous system patterns and reset them.

Resetting Your Nervous System from Thrive Wellness on Vimeo.


By getting to know how your nervous system operates and why, you can reset it thanks to neuroplasticity, meaning the nervous system’s ability to change and adapt. You do not have to live with how your nervous system is operating now.

We do this resetting using:

  • Mind-Body Healing
  • Heart-Centered Meditation
  • Inner Child Work
  • ThetaEnergy Healing (for those who are open to it)

When you reset your nervous system, you can start to feel:

  • Relief
  • More clarity
  • Increased energy
  • Letting go of stuck emotions or energy
  • Healing in the body

Nervous System Resets are for people ready to take responsibility for their healing and step into their power. I won’t heal you but will show you the power you have to heal yourself.


90-minute initial $250

60-minute follow up = $165

Interested in learning more?

Call the front desk (704)-390-7150 to schedule a Free 15 Minute consultation with Erika and see if you are a good candidate to reset your nervous system!


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