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Thrive Carolinas / 2022 Thrive Detox Program (CLASS & MATERIALS ONLY)

2022 Thrive Detox Program (CLASS & MATERIALS ONLY)


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Thrive is offering a medically sound and supervised program designed to support liver function. Among other things, the liver is responsible for the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, enzyme activation, and storage of glycogen, vitamins, and minerals.
Having a healthy liver is critical for preventing illness, improving metabolic and biochemical pathways, and reversing chronic conditions like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases.
What’s included:
  • Zoom kickoff class with Drs. Fletcher & Palermo January 19th at 5:30p
  • Food plan and recipes to help you stay on track
  • Access to our Recorded Online Detox classes and Workshop programs (A $200 Value)
  • Educational materials and shopping guides to help you in the grocery store
  • Mindfulness, breathing, and meditation exercises to help activate your body’s parasympathetic nervous system
  • Guide to healthy cleaning supplies so you can avoid harmful chemicals
  • A go-to list of supportive over-the-counter supplement options
Investment: $75


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