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 27 reviews

I want to thank Dr. Tracy Larson and the Thrive staff for their counsel and support in meeting my weight loss and fitness goals.

An online questionnaire gave Dr. Larson an analysis of my eating and exercise habits so that she was prepared to offer constructive suggestions at our first meeting.

The written guidelines offered and subsequent counseling sessions with Dr.Larson were very helpful and provided a nutritional basis for planning meals,
shopping smarter and ending unhealthy snacking.

The monthly sessions provided encouragement and reinforcement as I saw evidence of success from my efforts. Between the cheerleading
from Dr. Larson and my motivation to live healthier, I lost more than my initial goal weight and dropped 3 points from my starting BMI.

I most heartily recommend Thrive’s program for weight control to all patients who want to get control of extra pounds or change unhealthy eating patterns.

Dr. Palermo is, by far, on of the best physicians I have. She listens carefully to your concerns, offers suggestions, and cares about all of you. She responds quickly to messages and is willing to try to do all she can for you. I highly recommend Thrive to anyone near the Charlotte area.

Thrive was recommended to me by a friend and I absolutely love it. I saw Dr. Palermo and she went above and beyond any doctor that I have ever seen. Listened to all my concerns, ordered tests, and followed up with me as soon as the results were in. I have definitely found my new medical home. I have already recommended this place to all my friends and family.

This should be the new model for healthcare in our future. Looking at the whole person and not placing a "bandaid" over a symptom. They strive to find the real underlying issue of your ailment to help cure from the inside out.

I've been a patient of Dr. Larson's since the nineties. She is compassionate, professional, extremely knowledgeable, and very personable. She is more like a girlfriend than a doctor. She cares about her patients! I like to think of her as my doctor girlfriend!

I love the fact that Charlotte now has a practice that focuses solely on women's health! How fortunate we are to have 3 exceptional female doctors offering healthcare, services, and education in an underserved area of healthcare.

Exceptional yoga instruction in a "spa-like" studio!

Thrive has filled the void between eastern and western medical practice, fusing both so each patient is not limited to only one manner of healing or relief. Charlotte has needed something like Thrive for many years. I love the vast expanse of knowledge under one roof with the capability to nurture the inside out!!

I was extremely impressed with the length of time that the physician spent with me. She took the time to go through my medical history, listened to my current health stories and explained various ways to treat. She gave me a tour of the new facility and talked me through all the various services they offer. The front desk staff was also incredibly inviting and I didn't have to wait longer than three minutes for the doctor (which NEVER happens in a physicians office).

I have only used the health care services so far, but the experience was excellent. The physicians have made themselves available through the patient portal. It is very easy to make an appointment and to get in quickly if you need to. The front office staff are very friendly and helpful.

It is so nice to be able to go to a practice where the doctor sits down and spends time with you and listens to your questions and concerns and isn't looking at their watch, trying to get to the next patient. My doctor shared lots of invaluable information with me and genuinely listened to me. I have enjoyed coming to the yoga classes and the classes based on food as medicine. I have learned lots and have been implementing what I've learned into my daily life. Thrive is conveniently located near my house so I enjoy coming and being able to use Thrive as more than just a doctor's office. I love the concept and how it is a wellness center that offers many amenities.

Great Doctors that care for all your needs as you age as a woman.

I can not say enough about the environment and professionalism at Thrive. From the minute you enter the lobby you relax. Visits with a doctor are never high on the "fun" list but Dr. Palermo sets you at ease and never rushes through your conversation. The spa services are relaxing and I can attest to how good Kim is at therapeutic massage. We're lucky to have this practice in Charlotte!

Dr. Nancy Palermo has offered Charlotte a wonderful service of integrated health at Thrive. This is exactly what we need more of in Charlotte. The facility is beautiful, the staff is friendly, and the professional and the services offered for preventive medicine and overall health are outstanding.

Best personalized care I've received in a long time! Not a number - really care about my whole person.

I've been looking for a more holistic type gynecologist since we moved to Charlotte 5 years ago...I've finally found it! I loved being seen as a person, not a chart number. I'd recommend this practice to anyone!

This was the best experience that I have ever had with a physician. Dr. Palermo listened intently and discussed my symptoms. It felt more like team work than doctor/patient relationship. She truly is a dream come true! I cannot say in enough words how happy I am that Thrive is an option for me! I would recommend this practice to anyone! I look forward to utilizing everything Thrive has to offer!

Thrive is beyond stellar! From the knowledgeable, caring and responsive physicians and staff, to the invaluable programs and services they offer, I'm grateful for them and their incredible team!

I am so excited to finally find a practice that takes a holistic approach to my health. Thrive provides not only top quality medical care, but offers me educational opportunities to enable me to be proactive about my health as well as therapeutic services to help me achieve my health goals.

Dr. Palermo and her staff are ready to help at a moment's notice, and truly care enough to ask questions, listen, spend the time, and diagnose and cure any ailment you may have. They want to fix health issues rather than just write a quick RX and send you off. This is a level of service and hands-on care that just doesn't exist anywhere else that I've been.

I am so excited that Thrive is finally open! What a concept, helping patients get to the root of why they have medical conditions and treat them holistically instead of just throwing drugs at their symptoms. My husband is so impressed with my results at Thrive that he has switched over to this practice. If I ever have a question or concern, I simply email my doctor (Nancy Palermo) and she always responds the same day. She is a gem!

It is of great personal satisfaction to have a patient physician relationship like I have found with Dr. Fletcher. I started going to see her at her old practice and was devastated when she left. However, I waited for her to open Thrive and continue the same relationship. Besides her vast knowledge, she is personal and warm, After my last visit, she followed up with articles and more info on what we had discussed. The classes that they offer have been informative as well.

Excellent service

Love Dr. Larson! Caring, kind, and thorough.

Dr. Palermo and her staff at Thrive gave me the utmost respect and consideration from start to finish at my appointment. I am so thankful to have a physician that listens and greatly cares for her patients. I could't imagine ever going anywhere else! Charlotte is beyond lucky to have this wonderful practice.

I had a wonderful first experience at Thrive! I was most impressed with the amount of uninterrupted time Dr. Larson spent with me. She is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and I felt cared for. I can't wait to explore all of the amenities Thrive has to offer!

The staff is extremely friendly. My Doctor has taken the time to get to know my family and myself. Which is rare indeed in the current medical climate. Thrive also offers wonderful lectures on health topics which I have enjoyed.