Infusion Therapy Services

Thrive is happy to announce that we now offer B12 and Infusion Therapy to our patients

Current Offerings


Myer’s Cocktailnutrients & hydration

Magnesium | Calcium | Super B | B12 | Vitamin C


Quench (Rehydrate)hydrate & combat fatigue from dehydration

Vitamin C | Vita Complex | Mineral Blend


Get-up-and-Go (Boost)burn fat, feel energized, & boost your metabolism

Vita Complex | Amino – B12


Immunity (Be Well)Boost your immune system & feel better, faster

Vitamin C | Vita Complex | Zinc Chloride


Recovery & Performance (Enhance)Decrease recovery time & enhance your performance

Vitamin C | Vita Complex | Amino – B12 | Mineral Blend


B12 Shot 


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Thrive is proud to use an FDA registered 503B outsourcing compounding facility to facilitate infusion services to ensure patients receive the safest treatment possible.  

Must be a current and active patient of Thrive to receive an infusion treatment.