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The Touch Institute in Miami, FL has done over 100 studies on the benefits of massage. These significant findings include, but not limited to-stress management, anxiety, relaxation, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, circulation, lymphatic drainage, insomnia due to stress, myofascial pain syndrome, soft tissue strains, sports injuries, TMJ, and enhanced growth in preterm infants.  We are excited to offer several massage options here at Thrive as a complement to our comprehensive holistic model and as an important part of overall lifestyle medicine practices. Prices include 15% gratuity.


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Qi Gong & Self Massage

QI GONG: Enhance Your Immune System, Decrease Your Stress With this Meditation with Movement

Qi – Gong is an eastern practice of balancing the body, breath and the mind with flowing movements and meditation. “Qi” means “Energy”, “Gong” means “To Work”.  So, literally we are working with the body’s energy to balance and harmonize, allowing the body’s natural capacity to turn on the healer within.

In this short video we are using a form of massage or tapping to align the three Dan Tiens or what are known as “Elixir Fields”.  Aligning these three elixir fields or reservoirs of energy is a great way to begin any Qi Gong or Tai Chi practice.  It is also a wonderful ritual to start and end the day on its own.  

There are three Dan Tiens:  The lower, (two fingers below the belly button) which houses vitality. The middle (over the heart, chest, breast bone), which the heart and lungs.  The upper (between the eyes, or known as the third eye) which is for wisdom. 

This practice is also known as the “Four Golden Wheels” or “Taming the Three Wild Horses”.  We start by using another central channel to help align the three Dan Tiens.  This channel runs from the perineum to the top of the head and is analogous to the spinal cord.

We start by tapping or gently massaging the top of the head, nine times.  Then, we move to the lower Dan Tien and again, tap or massage nine times.  Same to the middle Dan Tien and then end with the upper Dan Tien, tapping or rubbing nine times.  While you massage or tap, breath slowly and deeply, in through the nose, our through the nose or mouth.  Be present, aware, mindful and with intention as you breath and tap/massage.  Feel yourself becoming more relaxed, focused and aligned with your body, breathe and mind.

These are great practices to help your body de-stress and maximize your wellness and self care.

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