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THRIVE Cardiometabolic Online Program

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What’s the Problem??

Cardiometabolic health is a term that encompasses cardiovascular and metabolic disturbances including elevated lipids (cholesterol), pre-diabetes, obesity, and inflammation.  In the past decade, there have been dramatic rises in chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity and heart disease.  Cardiometabolic health is multifactorial and affected by a wide range of factors including lifestyle, environment, diet and genetic and epigenetic factors.

Cardiac Health – Widening the Lens by Dr. Nancy Palermo

Here’s What You Can Do!

Join the Thrive team for an 8-week specialized program to dive deep into the newest data on Cardiometabolic health, including advanced lipid assays, inflammatory markers, and highly effective non-conventional therapies.  Participants will not only learn more about the pathophysiology of Cardiometabolic disease, but they will also be privy to some of the newest tests with personalized interpretation and functional interventions to prevent and possibly reverse the onset of chronic disease.  Most importantly, participants will be provided the tools to reverse abnormalities and maintain the positive changes for life.

Thrive Is Offering…

  • All participants will be able to perform the comprehensive Boston Heart Lab evaluation (a $1,800 value)
  • Interpretation and explanation of results will be reviewed in a group setting
  • Eight 1-hour sessions supported by Thrive physicians providing education, recipes, demonstrations and many tools for long-term success
  • 15% off recommended supplements & spa services to all participants during the 8-week program
  • Unlimited yoga & fitness classes during the 8-week program
  • Cardiometabolic manual that includes valuable educational resources
  • 4 cooking demonstrations with recipes

Educational Components to Program:

  • Understanding the How and Why of Cardiometabolic Disease
  • Genetic Variations and Risks in Cardiovascular Disease
  • Interpreting the Your Results and Stratifying the Risks: How to Put Your Results into Action
  • Dietary Changes in the Management of Cardiometabolic Principles (multiple sessions with cooking demonstrations and recipes for home)
  • Non-pharmaceutical Therapy for Lowering Cholesterol and Blood Sugar
  • Your Microbiome and Cardiovascular Disease – The Forgotten Piece of the Puzzle
  • The Optimal Exercise Prescription to tackle Cardiometabolic Disease with Demonstrations
  • Understanding Exercise Biochemistry and Using it to Your Advantage
  • Hitting the Reset Button: Harnessing the Power of Breathing and Meditation in the Management and Prevention of Disease
  • Stress Management and Cardiometabolic Disease – The Necessary Therapy to Success
  • Prescription for Life Long Management of Cardiometabolic Disease: NO Pharmacy Visit Needed!

Online Workbook 

Part 1

Thriving For Life

Widening Our Lens To Fight A Deadly Killer

Part 2

Cardiometabolic Fix: Advanced Testing

Boston Heart 

Part 3

Rules & Benefits of Cardiometabolic Eating – Food Plan

Food Plan – 1400-1800 Calories

Food Plan – 1800-2200 Calories 

Best Choices For Cooking

Cardiometabolic Food Plan – Comprehensive Guide

Cardiometabolic Food Plan – Weekly Planner & Recipes 

Part 4

Week One Recipes & Tastings