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Thrive Carolinas / Thrive Annual Detoxification Program (Workshop)
2022 Detox Thrive

Thrive Annual Detoxification Program (Workshop)


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Program Description:

Healthy liver function is critical for preventing illness, improving metabolic and biochemical pathways, and reversing chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. Topics covered:

  • Understanding your body’s detoxification system; tips on clean eating
  • The link between exercise and sleep and your liver function
  • Reducing your toxic load at home and work
  • Mindfulness & meditation

This year’s program includes the following:

  • Group classes led by our providers
  • Educational materials and videos
  • Food plan, including a shopping guide and healthy recipes

Date of Class 1: 1/17/23 (6:00-7:30p)

Date of Class 2: 2/21/23 (6:00-7:30p)


General Admission:

Class $100.00

Kit $200.00 (optional) Please call the office to order yours!



Class $75.00

Kit $170.00 (20% discount) Please call the office to order yours!

Sign up for classes between 12/16 –  12/25 and receive a gift card for $20










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