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Why Magnesium Matters: FDA Announces New Qualified Health Claim

On January 10, 2022, FDA announced in a letter of enforcement discretion a newly qualified health claim for magnesium and reduced risk of high blood pressure. Both health claims and qualified health claims characterize the relationship between a substance and a reduction in risk of contracting a particular disease or health-related condition and are reviewed by FDA through a petition process. Qualified health claims are supported by less evidence than the “significant scientific agreement” standard that governs unqualified health claims. Therefore, qualified health claims require a disclaimer or other qualifying language to avoid misleading consumers as to the strength of the scientific evidence supporting the claim. In January, the FDA reviewed health claims related to magnesium. A review of multiple studies did show some benefits with respect to hypertension, but the...

What Exactly is Clean Eating?

[caption id="attachment_9894" align="alignleft" width="300"] Nancy A. Palermo MD[/caption] Clean eating is an important part of what we provide at Thrive is Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is a completely different approach to symptoms and diseases. It aims to get to the root cause of the symptoms rather than cover them up with medication. When we talk about root causes we cannot proceed without discussing diet as it is such a foundational component of our health. When I first meet a patient at their Functional intake visit, we often discuss their diet. I would say that most of them say they eat clean and do not feel their diet is the cause of their issues. While this certainly might be true more than not, we can find some places where...

Can an IV Infusion Boost Your Immunity Before Flu Season Starts?

The winter months don’t just raise the risk of eating too many holiday treats; they also increase your chance of contracting a cold, the flu, or COVID. Luckily, IV infusions are a preventative way to stay healthy during this cold and flu season. Before we dive into the holiday season, let’s go over the benefits of IV infusions and who should consider them.   What are IV Infusions?   Intravenous (IV) infusions are IV nutrient therapy that delivers essential substances to the body through the veins. Unlike other forms of IV therapy, such as IV injections, infusions use a pump or gravity to slowly and consistently administer the custom “cocktail” of nutrients into a patient’s veins.   IV infusions can be used in emergency situations or to treat chronic illnesses, but in...

The Savvy Guide to Buying the Right Supplements

The global supplement industry is booming. In 2019 sales topped $115 billion and that was prior to the pandemic when supplements sales really took off. The industry is huge and if you’ve ever searched for a supplement online or in the grocery store, you probably were bombarded with a million choices. It can be confusing to know which supplement is right for you–and which companies are misleading you about what’s actually in the bottle. Today, we’ll demystify why supplements are so confusing and give you the ultimate guide to selecting the most effective supplement for you.   The Supplement Industry   Four out of five people take at least one supplement, and many take more than one. The supplement industry is a multibillion industry with almost as many choices...

Akkermansia Mucinophila: Your New Best Gut Friend

[caption id="attachment_4067" align="alignleft" width="251"] Dr. Nancy Palermo[/caption] In the past 15 years, there has been a great deal of attention on the gut microbiome. In fact, since 2013 there have been over 19,000 published papers on this topic. If you search PubMed you can see that numerous studies have shown associations of the microbiome with disorders like obesity, diabetes mellitus, autoimmune disorders, cancers, liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and even neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Recent genetic tools like DNA sequencing have helped researchers further characterize the composition of microbes in the gut and successfully delineated their specific roles. In 2004 researchers first isolated a gram-negative anaerobe called Akkermansia mucinophila in the Netherlands. They now know a great deal more about this gut bacteria and what they have learned...

Why Your Diet Should Include Magnesium for Your Heart Health

We often discuss how calcium makes our bones stronger or that vitamin C improves our immune system. But magnesium is just as vital and important to add to your diet. Magnesium promotes good cardiovascular health and keeps your heart beating right.   Magnesium is a mineral that is responsible for many functions in the body. It helps keep nerves and muscles working, keeps bones strong, and helps control blood sugar. It also is necessary for maintaining normal blood pressure and a steady heartbeat.   In a 2019 review in Cardiology Research and Practice, researchers found those who have low levels of magnesium in their blood have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. In particular, the researchers found low levels of magnesium were present in those with a higher risk...