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Our Diets Are Killing Us And Doctors Aren’t Trained To Help

This article was first featured in The Hill. It was written by Emily M. Broad Lieb, Drs. Stephen DeVries and Walter Willet What if your doctor failed to talk to you about the most important threat to your health? Wouldn't you worry about the quality of your health care? A poor quality diet is a leading cause of death in the United States, but it is unlikely that your doctor has the knowledge even to begin a meaningful conversation about your nutrition or to make an appropriate dietary referral. Most doctors lack the knowledge necessary to offer patients nutrition advice; fewer than 14 percent of physicians report feeling equipped to advise on a diet or the connection between food and health. This is unsurprising given that, for example,...

What is a Health Coach, and Would I Benefit from Working with One?

Health coaches can support patients in creating specific action steps in foundational domains, including nutrition, stress management, sleep optimization, and the creation of optimal physical activity programs. Coaches can be essential members of your medical team, especially when they work closely with your doctor. At Thrive, our health coaches work with the doctors to help create positive change. They do this by working with the doctors in implementing and supporting the recommendations. You can think of health coaching as sitting at the intersection of health information, recommendations, and successful behavior change. They can also understand the personal contributors to a patient’s health and how they might affect the body. They can understand and empathize with each patient’s health challenges by providing one-on-one personalized care. Although there have only been a...

We’re Nuts about staying Healthy – Here’s Why

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. Nuts are a great way to get a dose of heart-healthy fat, as well as a mix of valuable vitamins and minerals.  The National Center for Biomedical Information states that “by virtue of their unique composition, they are likely to beneficially impact health outcomes.”  Research suggest that regular nut consumption is unlikely to contribute to obesity and may even help in weight loss!  But that doesn’t mean that you should eat handful after handful.  Instead (like most things), moderation is key. Ideally, a serving  should be about the size of a golf ball. All nuts are not created equal. Many are high in fat content. They are one of the natural plant foods richest in fat.  Nuts are beneficial because...

March is National Nutrition Month!

We at Thrive are celebrating National Nutrition Month this March! Thrive embraces a food-first philosophy knowing that helping our patients improve their diets' nutrient density - by increasing plant and whole-food intake will improve the overall health of almost everyone!   If you are dealing with a specific health condition, or are an athlete seeking to improve performance and recovery, or are now struggling with weight loss or seek improved mood and energy - nutrition is key.    We believe that by improving your diet, you can often avoid the initial expression of disease and certainly control the progression by optimizing your food choices for your specific needs. We are each unique individuals whose genetics and lifestyle can often dictate if we are diagnosed with a chronic condition. Often medicine...

Thriver Spotlight: Dawn Hinshaw

Dawn has been in the Charlotte fitness community since 1990. After receiving her BS in Exercise Science from Appalachian State University, she worked with the Charlotte Metro YMCAs as a Fitness Director, then opened her own Yoga Studio, Laughing Buddha Yoga. Her love for Personal training and client evaluation has led her to Thrive where she will be Personal training, teaching yoga, yoga therapy, and meditation and working with clients to establish fitness goals and lifestyle changes. What's your name? Dawn Hinshaw What is your super power at Thrive? Meeting yogis where they are and taking them where they don't want to go...

Thriver Spotlight: Mary Dare Mayeux

If you've ever had an opportunity to take Mary Dare's Cardio Sculpt class then you know she's going to work you hard! She's one of our fastest runners and we're happy to have her! Enjoy this spotlight and get to know Mary Dare What's your name? Mary Dare Mayeux What is your superpower at Thrive? Making others stronger Why did you choose the field of Medicine I love to encourage and motivate others and show them how strong they really are! What's Your Educational Background? Graduate of Meredith College, ACSM Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Ex Instructor What's so special about Thrive? Their holistic approach to wellness and their desire to uniquely help each person that walks through the door Where did you grow up? Maury, North Carolina Any Activities/Hobbies outside of Thrive? Running, Reading, Cooking, Spending time at the...


Monday Motivation | Connecting the Heart, Mind & Brain

Dr. Scott Greenapple discusses connecting the Heart/Mind/Brain communication to help manage daily stress, increase energy and promote well being.     [embed]https://vimeo.com/333358271[/embed] [maxbutton id="4" url="https://thrivecarolinas.com/functional-and-integrative-medicine/thriver-medical-membership/" text="Become a Thriver!" ] [maxbutton id="4" url="https://thrivecarolinas.com/category/monday-motivation" text="Catch Up On Motivation" ]...

Heart Disease: Widening Our Lens to Fight a Deadly Killer

Heart Disease: Widening Our Lens to Fight a Deadly Killer Dr. Nancy A. Palermo, Thrive Personalized Healthcare and Wellness “There is no such thing as a sudden heart attack. It requires years of preparation.” Unknown February was Heart Health month. We all donned red and vowed to fight the number one killer of Americans. However, when you look at the statistics it seems one month is not enough to alter the magnitude of this disease. The numbers are dismal. In 2018 over 800,000 Americans died of heart disease or its related co-morbidities. That accounts for one in three of all deaths. Despite spending over 300 billion dollars to “fight and treat “the disease we have made no progress and it appears the numbers have only increased. In 2015,...

Do You Have Tight Neck and Back Pain? Check your posture.

Do you suffer from chronic upper body pain or tightness? Or in need of a daily back massage from stress? If you are using your smartphone, tablet, or hunched over a keyboard all day (whoops, like I am now writing this) you may have “tech” neck with related stress and pain running from your neck down your back to your hamstrings. Time to straighten up. [caption id="attachment_2590" align="alignleft" width="250"] Wrong - Bent Spine + Poor Posture[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2591" align="alignright" width="258"] Right! Great Posture + Straight Spine[/caption] Years ago my 5th-grade English teacher told our class over and over to bring the books up to our eyes rather than hunch over our desks to read. Now in 2018, we have books and technology. She was clearly on to something. Stand and sit...