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Monday Motivation

Thrive Carolinas / Monday Motivation

Motivation: Gluten Free Cooking

In this week's Motivation Annette talks about our upcoming Gluten Free Lecture + Cooking Class. Join Thrive Dietitian Annette Habecker, RD, LDN, and Chef Jane Moncayo to review new gluten information. They will also offer some healthy and tasty gluten-free options for your favorite foods! Lecture and Tastings included! Date: March 21st, 6:00pm – 7:30pm Cost: $25 for lectures, handouts, tastings, and recipes. Thrivers receive their 15% membership discount. Register on the Mindbody app, or call 704-390-7150, ext. 2. ...


Motivation: Ozempic or Wegovy

In this week's Motivation, Dr. Larson talks about TikTok’s very popular weight loss drug - Ozempic or Wegovy. These drugs are not quick fixes - learn more about who these drugs are for in today’s video. If you are interested in losing weight, Thrive has resources for you. We have a dietitian, health coaches, exercise classes, and weight loss programs. We are here to help!   ...

Motivation: Sleep Quality & Heart Health

Did you know that our sleep quality can affect a healthy heart? Thrive’s health coach, Amy Carroll, discusses ways to improve sleep quality in this week's Motivation! Please call our office if you would like to learn more about our health coaching + packages, and don't forget to read this article defining Health Coaching and why you might benefit from signing up for a session! ...

Motivation: Qi Gong

Dr. Scott Greenapple talks about his upcoming Qi Gong workshop in this Motivation Sign up now; only a few spots left! This 4-part series with Dr. Scott Greenapple will delve into the nine phases of cultivating and mastering Qi. Known as The 9 Phases of Personal Cultivation. The classes will include Qi Gong (movement meditation), breathwork, eastern philosophy, and mindfulness meditations. The nine phases are broken up into 3 categories: The first class will be on the first phase, “Jing,” or the Earth Phase. This will focus on 3 specific Qi Gong movements focused on the physical body. The second class will focus on the heart/mind, emotions, breath, and life force. These movements target the nervous system, thoughts, and emotions and help to create calm in the midst of life’s...

Motivation: Heart Health & Sexual Health

February is here, and during this month, we will be focusing on Heart ♥️ Health. In this Motivation, Dr. Palermo talks about the importance of nitric oxide, heart health, and how they relate to sexual health. Learn more in this week's video, and stay tuned for articles and classes this month for your heart! 🤍 Don't forget these Heart Health events going on at Thrive this February! Yoga & Learn: Heart Health Heart Healthy Cooking with Chef Joe ...

Motivation: Why you could benefit from a Detox

In today’s Motivation, Dr. Fletcher discusses who would benefit from a detoxification program. Chemicals are in our food, water supply, cosmetics, and cleaning products. Sometimes this toxic load can contribute to the way we are feeling and can contribute to autoimmune diseases. Learn more in today’s video, and don't forget to read  Dr. Fletcher's article Assessing your Toxin Load and download the MSQ and Toxin Exposure questionnaires in this newsletter! ...