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Category: Monday Motivation

Motivational Monday: Autumn: The Harvest and Letting Go

Fall is here and the season is changing. We’re harvesting everything from the spring and summer. With this transitioning seasons, our lungs and large intestine are susceptible to illness. Dr. Greenapple addresses this and shares some simple QiGong tips you can do on your own!

Monday Motivation: Anxiety & Depression

Monday Motivation: Anxiety & Depression

Dr. Fletcher discusses Anxiety & Depression and how to address their symptoms.

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Monday Motivation: Labor Day

Amy shares the importance of Labor Day and how you can use this day to reflect on your own work-life balance.  

Monday Motivation: Food Prep on the Grill

Join Dr. Nancy Palermo as she discusses how to prepare foods on the grill while limiting toxins.    

Monday Motivation | The Benefits of Coffee

Dr. Tracy Larson discusses why this one-time “vice” can now be a beneficial part of our daily diet.  

Monday Motivation: How to Prepare a Mango

Do you love the flavor of Mango but have trouble pinpointing when it’s ripe or how to cut one up so that you get the most fruit? Join Dr. Fletcher as she shares PRO tips on how to prepare a mango.    

Monday Motivation | The Healing Powers of Breath

Dr. Greenapple shares the importance of breath and the healing within when done correctly in this weeks Monday Motivation.

Monday Motivation | Medicinal Mushrooms

Are you aware that Asian Mushrooms are linked to a reduction in breast and hormonal cancers? Most of you are familiar with the white button, cremini, and portabello varieties, are you aware that these varieties often contain toxins? It’s important to cook them at high heat to break these toxins down. In today’s Monday Motivation […]

Monday Motivation | Benefits of Cooking at Home

Ever wonder what you are doing to your body when you eat out all the time? According to a study conducted by the American Cancer Society, people consume a minimum of 200 more calories daily if they eat out often rather than cooking at home. Join Dr. Tracy Larson as she shares more benefits to […]

Monday Motivation | Bug Spray

It’s that time of year in the South when the mosquitos are overly aggressive. We’re reaching for that bug spray to keep them away, but do we ever wonder what we’re spraying on our body? Dr. Amy Fletcher shares her tips about choosing bug spray in this week’s Monday Motivation.