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Monday Motivation

Thrive Carolinas / Monday Motivation

Motivation: CoQ10 enzyme

In today’s Motivation, Harlee Palmer, PA shares why CoQ10 is so important. It provides energy for all cells in the body and is a powerful antioxidant that can help to counteract the processes that happen as we get older. Learn more about this powerful enzyme and we hope you have a wonderful week! https://vimeo.com/623487057  ...

Motivation: Staying Healthy During Fall

It’s officially fall,  Dr. Scott Greenapple discusses how you can have a healthier season in this motivation. Autumn is the season of harvest as we prepare for the winter season. We look to collecting and storing nutrition as well as mental clarity for the purpose of cultivation and culmination to allow us to grow and let go of and move on to the next cycle of the seasons and life itself.   We can move forward with the proper care that allows us to balance the body/mind experience and balance the nervous system to enhance our overall well-being. Fall is the time of year to go deeper into self-care, retrospection, and meditation. https://vimeo.com/617053795  ...

Motivation: Autoimmune Disease Testing

In this Motivation - Dr. Fletcher wraps up our autoimmune disease series with a discussion on testing. Testing is important because there are over 100 types of autoimmune diseases that affect 50 million Americans today. Learn more in today’s motivational video + don’t forget to download our podcast for an in-depth discussion on autoimmune disease. https://vimeo.com/596561058  ...