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Summer “Do’s” and “Dont’s

Summer is here and we're all ready to enjoy days at the pool and sunny warm weather. Dr. Palermo shares some of her secrets to make this season your best! Don’t Put on Sunscreen… At least for the first twenty minutes, you are in the sun. Vitamin D deficiency is common with over 80% of Americans being deficient. This is a result of our overreaction to the risk of skin cancer with sun exposure. Vitamin D is important for adequate immune function and control of inflammation, neurological and cardiovascular function, bone-building, fighting depression, and most importantly, fighting and preventing many kinds of cancer. The body produces it Vitamin D with exposure to the sun and sunscreen blocks this process. UVB rays, (not UVA rays which lead to aging...

Akkermansia Mucinophila: Your New Best Gut Friend

[caption id="attachment_4067" align="alignleft" width="251"] Dr. Nancy Palermo[/caption] In the past 15 years, there has been a great deal of attention on the gut microbiome. In fact, since 2013 there have been over 19,000 published papers on this topic. If you search PubMed you can see that numerous studies have shown associations of the microbiome with disorders like obesity, diabetes mellitus, autoimmune disorders, cancers, liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and even neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Recent genetic tools like DNA sequencing have helped researchers further characterize the composition of microbes in the gut and successfully delineated their specific roles. In 2004 researchers first isolated a gram-negative anaerobe called Akkermansia mucinophila in the Netherlands. They now know a great deal more about this gut bacteria and what they have learned...

Motivation: Blue Zones and phytonutrients

In this week's Motivation, Dr. Palermo talks more about the Blue Zones and phytonutrients that they include in their diets. Phytonutrients are the chemicals that come from plants. 🌱 Learn more about these powerful nutrients in today’s video, and remember - the best way to get these nutrients is from fruits + vegetables. Supplements don’t provide phytonutrients the way that whole foods do.   https://vimeo.com/693573115  ...

The End of Resolutions

Great things do not just happen by impulse but as a succession of small great things linked together. - Vincent Van Gogh, painter   By Nancy Palermo, MD Every year millions of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions and usually by February most have already failed. Setting general, unrealistic goals are impossible to sustain and when we fail it can have a negative effect on our emotional health and our overall wellness. The key to success is to set small attainable commitments. Placed in succession these small commitments to ourselves become large victories with tremendous results. Make Commitments to Yourself When we set small achievable commitments, we are more likely to succeed. When we succeed, even if it was a small achievement, we are more likely to build on it....

Thriving to Be Optimal – Let 2022 be your year of Self-Care

Elevate your Mind and Body. Elevate your Health. Elevate Your Life By: Nancy Palermo, MD Why do we all feel such discontent? We keep searching for our outlook and situation to improve and blindly look to those around us to make the world better yet are often left feeling deprived-the victim with no control stuck in a hole with no way out. We blame others for failing us and not living up to our expectations. Our family, our leaders, and our friends cannot get us out of the hole. Why can they not fix the situation? What we fail to see is that change is only within our own control. As we come to the end of 2021 (happily for many of us) we tend to think of the new year and...