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Motivation: Why you could benefit from a Detox

In today’s Motivation, Dr. Fletcher discusses who would benefit from a detoxification program. Chemicals are in our food, water supply, cosmetics, and cleaning products. Sometimes this toxic load can contribute to the way we are feeling and can contribute to autoimmune diseases. Learn more in today’s video, and don't forget to read  Dr. Fletcher's article Assessing your Toxin Load and download the MSQ and Toxin Exposure questionnaires in this newsletter! ...

Motivation: Thrive’s Annual Detox Program

Dr. Fletcher talks about our annual Detox this month. Learn more about what this detox entails, and join us! Healthy liver function is critical for preventing illness, improving metabolic and biochemical pathways, and reversing chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. Topics covered: Understanding your body’s detoxification system; tips on clean eating The link between exercise and sleep and your liver function Reducing your toxic load at home and work Mindfulness & meditation This year’s program includes the following: Group classes led by our providers Educational materials and videos Food plan, including a shopping guide and healthy recipes Date of Class 1: 1/17/23 Date of Class 2: 2/21/23 General Admission: Class $100.00 Kit $200.00 (optional), Please call the office to order yours! Thrivers: Class $75.00 Kit $170.00 (Optional, 20% discount). Please call the office...

Motivation: Thrive Offerings in 2023

Can you believe that this is the last motivation of 2022? Dr. Palermo + Dr. Fletcher talk about our programs and classes in store for 2023! Just a friendly reminder that Thrive is closed on December 31st, but we will reopen Monday January 2nd We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season! ...


Motivation: Scaling Your Joy!

At Thrive, we always discuss the importance of healthy eating, exercise, and meditation. In today’s Motivation, Erika Shepard, RN, talks about the importance of scaling your JOY. Most of us focus on the scale + weight this time of year and not measuring our joy. Let’s change our mindset going into 2023! If you need help changing your mindset, schedule a Nervous System Reset appointment with Erika! ...

Motivation Gratitude and Being Thankful

Dr. Palermo talks about gratitude in this week’s Motivation. Do you perceive your glass as half empty or half full? Practicing gratitude + being thankful for what you have is the best way to fill your glass. We always like to think of something we are grateful for every single day-it’s an easy thing to do and a great way to start your day. We are so grateful for all of you and hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday with friends + family. ...

Motivation: Diabetes and Blood Sugar

Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans will develop diabetes in their lifetime? In this week’s Motivation, Dr. Palermo talks more about Diabetes Awareness Month. The holidays can be hard when trying to keep our blood sugar in check. We are here to help you navigate the holiday season. On November 15th, we offer a cooking class focusing on Healthy Holiday recipes. Planning ahead always helps with this time of year + Thrive is here to help you do just that! ...