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THRIVE is a collaborative platform of conventional, integrative, & functional medicine practitioners coming together in one setting to provide personalized healthcare to clients.
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What is the InBody 570?

Go beyond the scale with the InBody Test, a non-invasive, quick, and accurate body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of Skeletal Muscle Mass, Percent Body Fat, BMR, Total Body Water, Visceral Fat assessment, and other vital measurements. Stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes. 45 Second Test Quickly measure fat mass, muscle mass, and body water. Auto-calibrated, user-friendly, and non-invasive, testing is fast and easy—stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes. No Empirical Estimations No empirical estimations are based on age, sex, ethnicity, or body type. Instead, Direct Segmental Multi-Frequency BIA technology measures body segments separately for an accurate analysis based on your unique body. Advanced Outputs Get essential outputs for evaluating overall health and wellness. Draw more insights from...


Getting to Know: Sally Perry

Hi!  My name is Sally Perry.   I’m excited to teach at Thrive because of the opportunity to connect with people with a common goal- whole body wellness and living our best life!   When one attends my class, they can expect- thoughtful music, plenty of time to ground and practice mindfulness, purposeful flow, and optional hands-on assists.   My hobbies and interests outside of Thrive include supporting my boys' athletics, wine tastings with my husband, being a substitute teacher at CMS, playing Mah Jongg, cheering on my Clemson Tigers, and walking my dog, Lincoln!   I love to travel, and from growing up in Annapolis, Maryland, the open water speaks to me! So it's no surprise that some of my favorite places to are anywhere there is water.  ...

Get To Know Yoga Instructor Sarah Saxon

We are super excited that Sarah is apart of the Thrive Yoga team and we encourage you to sign up for one of her classes! Learn a bit more about Sarah in this spotlight! What is your name? Sarah Saxon What excites you about teaching at Thrive? The chance to connect with students on a one-on-one basis. What should students in your class expect? A combination of breath and movement, along with some nice tunes! What are your hobbies and interests outside of Thrive? I love spending time with friends and checking out the newest restaurants. I work in communications outside of Thrive. Do you have children or fur babies? My dog Finn is a whopping 11 lb blond miniature dachshund. People have told us we have the same hair. Favorite place to travel? NYC  Stop by Sarah's class...

Get To Know Yoga Instructor Meg Thomason

My name is Meg Thomason, and I am a Yoga instructor at Thrive. I love the holistic approach to everything at Thrive and am excited to see you in a class! What excites you about teaching at Thrive? The space at Thrive is the best-kept secret in Charlotte. To me, it is less daunting than some yoga studios can be, and I feel like it’s a place for everyone. What should students in your class expect? I teach a vinyasa yoga class with longer holds with attention to detail and alignment, accompanied by appropriate and soothing music. What are your hobbies and interests outside of Thrive? I enjoy other forms of exercise, such as spinning, Pilates, and long walks/hikes with my dogs.  One of my dogs is a Bernese Mountain trained...

Get To Know Yoga Instructor Suzanne Bergen

Suzanne might not be new to Thrive, but her energy to expand our yoga and fitness staff and class schedule is a new role for her. We couldn't be more excited for her to step up and lead this department! Get to know a little more about Suzanne in this spotlight! What is your name? Suzanne Bergen What are your hobbies and interests outside of Thrive? Being the Director of the Charlotte Tunnel to Towers Climb, I love stair climbing for a good cause! Of course, I love my family (triple boys and husband Joe!), traveling, our beach house on the South Shore of Boston, connecting with friends, and getting inspired by Tony Robbins! What excites you about teaching at Thrive? I believe in Functional medicine, movement, and nutrition...

Getting to Know: Yoga Instructor Ashlee Lincoln

Thrive is excited to welcome Ashlee Lincoln to our team as a Fitness & Yoga Instructor!! We've brought on a few new fitness and yoga instructors, if you haven't noticed. Learn a little more about our wonderful new instructors, and don't forget to sign up for their class!!! Name: Ashlee Lincoln What excites you about teaching at Thrive? I love the holistic approach that Thrive provides to its patients. Personalized, functional healthcare is a big part of my own story. I believe practicing yoga can play a big part in our wellness, and I'm excited to help contribute to individuals' overall health journey. What should students in your class expect?  Expect a powerful vinyasa flow that allows you to build strength and body awareness while also...


Why Strength Work Needs to Be a Priority at Every Age

By: Nancy Palermo “Every day is another chance to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier, and to be the best version of you.” In 2020 the Baltimore Sun did an article on an 84-year-old grandmother, mother, and retired secretary, Ernestine Shepherd, who won the Guinness World record for the oldest female competitive bodybuilder in the world. This record won her the title of “6-pack Granny” What makes Ernestine’s story so amazing is she did not start working toward this goal until her mid-50s after the death of her sister. Prior to that she rarely visited a gym. Ernestine’s story is a great reminder that it is never too late to get in shape, and you are never too old to build muscle. There are many reasons we want...

3 Benefits of Strength Training for Women Over 50

You probably know some of the benefits of strength training, such as how it increases your physical strength and helps you lose weight faster. What you might not know is that those benefits increase as you age. In fact, strength training can help women over 50 improve their metabolism, fight muscle deterioration, and maintain good bone health. Let’s discuss the health benefits as well as how to get started with a strength training routine.   Improve Your Metabolism   The higher your muscle mass, the faster your metabolism will be. One of the best ways to increase your muscle mass, and thus speed up your metabolism, is strength training. Good metabolic health is crucial to a number of health functions, most famously maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight....

Fitness Instructor Spotlight: Sara Cain-da Costa

Sara, originally from New Hampshire teaches  Yoga, Meditation, and specialty workshops at Thrive and we're excited to have her. Learn more about Sara, her style and book a class below! What's your name? Sara Cain-da Costa What is your superpower at Thrive? Yoga, Meditation, & Health Coaching What's so special about Thrive? The amazing health care and fitness/yoga professionals and staff. There's nothing like it in Charlotte. Where did you grow up? Hooksett, New Hampshire Any Activities/Hobbies outside of Thrive? Hiking, biking, cooking, traveling, enjoying time with family, friends, and my 3 rescue dogs. What is your definition of Functional Medicine? Functional Medicine is getting to the root cause of issues, not just placing a "band-aid" on a concern. Going deep to heal. What's on your Netflix Que? Well, it's December so I'm deep into Christmas classic movies, Red...