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Get To Know Yoga Instructor Meg Thomason

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Get To Know Yoga Instructor Meg Thomason

My name is Meg Thomason, and I am a Yoga instructor at Thrive. I love the holistic approach to everything at Thrive and am excited to see you in a class!

What excites you about teaching at Thrive?

The space at Thrive is the best-kept secret in Charlotte. To me, it is less daunting than some yoga studios can be, and I feel like it’s a place for everyone.

What should students in your class expect?

I teach a vinyasa yoga class with longer holds with attention to detail and alignment, accompanied by appropriate and soothing music.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of Thrive?

I enjoy other forms of exercise, such as spinning, Pilates, and long walks/hikes with my dogs.  One of my dogs is a Bernese Mountain trained as a therapy dog.  She and I enjoy our twice-monthly visits to Southminster.  I’m also involved in a garden club in the neighborhood and enjoy just being outside!

Do you have children or fur babies?

Yes, I have two girls, ages 21 and 34. My youngest is in school at NC State, and my oldest works in Boston. I have Juno, my Bernese Mountain dog, and Gus, our rescue husky mix, who keep me entertained daily!

Favorite place to travel?

We lived in Europe for a long time, and our trips to Italy were probably my favorite.  I look forward to visiting many other places in the US very soon!  I spend a lot of my time on Lake Burton in Georgia, and I always enjoy beach trips to Kiawah! (And any other beautiful beaches!)

Stop by and say hi next time you see me around Thrive or sign up for a class today!

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