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Do You Need A Detox?  Assessing Your Toxic Load

We are all living in an exceedingly toxic world. Every day we are exposed to literally hundreds of chemicals, many of which have the potential to affect our health negatively. Toxic chemical exposures have been linked to various chronic health conditions, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, infertility, mood disorders, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease, memory impairment, and cancer. While avoidance is always the best, escaping exposure is nearly impossible. This constant exposure is resulting in an ever-increasing body burden or toxic load of chemicals.  Some toxins, such as smoking and plastics, are rather obvious, but others are lurking in our food, water, and skin care products.   The Centers for Disease Control began monitoring human exposure to chemicals in 1976. Unfortunately, no one knows how many chemicals are in use today. ...

Motivation: Thrive’s Annual Detox Program

Dr. Fletcher talks about our annual Detox this month. Learn more about what this detox entails, and join us! Healthy liver function is critical for preventing illness, improving metabolic and biochemical pathways, and reversing chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. Topics covered: Understanding your body’s detoxification system; tips on clean eating The link between exercise and sleep and your liver function Reducing your toxic load at home and work Mindfulness & meditation This year’s program includes the following: Group classes led by our providers Educational materials and videos Food plan, including a shopping guide and healthy recipes Date of Class 1: 1/17/23 Date of Class 2: 2/21/23 General Admission: Class $100.00 Kit $200.00 (optional), Please call the office to order yours! Thrivers: Class $75.00 Kit $170.00 (Optional, 20% discount). Please call the office...

Detox in a Glass

Are you preparing for our annual Thrive Detox program? Or maybe you're just ready to kick those new routines into gear! Well, this refreshing smoothie will get all of your detoxification systems going. Ingredients: 3 small apples (Fiji or Gala) cut into small pieces with skin on Juice of one grapefruit 1-inch piece of peeled ginger cut into slices 1⁄2 inch of peeled turmeric root 1 cup baby spinach 1 T maple syrup 2 T ground flax seeds 2 T organic psyllium husks 1 avocado, pit removed flesh scooped out 4 scoops collagen powder 1 t cinnamon 1⁄4 t cayenne pepper 1 cup nut milk or coconut milk 1 cup ice Filtered Water Directions: Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender. Fill blender to top with filtered water....

Yoga & Learn: Detox your Life + Optimize your Health

Join us for our new Yoga + Learn series as we educate and empower your mind and body for 2023! Join the Thrive physicians and yoga instructor Suzanne Bergen for a collaborative event focusing on detox tips for optimal health and longevity. We'll begin with a 55-minute yoga class and end with a short discussion with the providers. All levels are welcome modifications will be offered. Wear your yoga clothes and bring your mat! Details: Cost: $30 ($5 discount for annual detox participants ) FREE for Thrivers! Date: January 9th, 2023 Signup on Mindbody, or call the office 704-390-7150 Upcoming Yoga & Learn Sessions Heart Health - February 6 Mindfulness & Sleep - March 8...


Yoga & Learn: Detox your Life + Optimize Your Health

Join us for our new Yoga + Learn series as we educate and empower your mind and body for 2023! This workshop includes an hour-long Yoga class focusing on breath with movement, and a half-hour discussion with Thrive providers focused on top detox tips for optimal health and longevity! Thrive's own Suzanne Bergen will lead the yoga practice which will be a purification and cleansing practice to strengthen your body and insulate your mind. A Thrive provider will follow Suzanne's yoga class to break down why detoxing is not solely related to nutrition and why the act of mindfully detoxing should involve all aspects of your life. All levels are welcome modifications will be offered. Wear your yoga clothes and bring your mat! There are many ways to create space...

Motivation: Detox The Mind

We are perhaps now living in one of the most anxious and stressful periods of time that most of us have known or can remember. Anxiety, stress, worry have locked into our psyche and caused us to go into unconscious bias and habitual patterns that create more anxiety and unhealthy habits.  These unhealthy habits can be in the form of procrastination, stress eating, drug/alcohol abuse, internet and social media addiction to name a few. So, how do we detox our minds and detox our habits?  The key is to become aware when they are happening.  Once you can become aware and notice it becomes easier to make the appropriate change or response. We can change our relationships to our anxiety and engage in behavioral patterns that can...

2022 Thrive Detox Program

Thrive is offering a medically sound and supervised program designed to support liver function. Among other things, the liver is responsible for the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, enzyme activation, and storage of glycogen, vitamins, and minerals. Having a healthy liver is critical for preventing illness, improving metabolic and biochemical pathways, and reversing chronic conditions like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. What's included in the program: 15-day Nutriclear Plus Detox Kit including supplement and protein powder packets ($170 Value) In-person kickoff class with Drs. Fletcher & Palermo (January 19th, subject to change based on COVID restrictions) Food plan and recipes to help you stay on track Access to our Recorded Online Detox Workshops and Classes ($200 Value) Educational materials and shopping guides to help...


Detox the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Detox the Mind, Body & Spirit In theories of acupuncture, humans are looked at as part of the natural world that surrounds them. Seasons change and during this transition from one season to another, it is important to stay balanced with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Each season is linked with an organ system in the body. Acupuncture improves the function of the liver meridian and can restore balance to the organs. According to TCM, the liver is responsible for smooth flowing Qi (chi) or energy through the body.  The liver and gall bladder meridians govern the muscles, tendons, and nerves in the body.  The liver also controls the eyes. Here are some signs that your liver/gall bladder meridian may be out of balance this time of year. You...