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Motivation: Detox The Mind

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Motivation: Detox The Mind

We are perhaps now living in one of the most anxious and stressful periods of time that most of us have known or can remember.

Anxiety, stress, worry have locked into our psyche and caused us to go into unconscious bias and habitual patterns that create more anxiety and unhealthy habits.  These unhealthy habits can be in the form of procrastination, stress eating, drug/alcohol abuse, internet and social media addiction to name a few.

So, how do we detox our minds and detox our habits?  The key is to become aware when they are happening.  Once you can become aware and notice it becomes easier to make the appropriate change or response. We can change our relationships to our anxiety and engage in behavioral patterns that can support our well being and detox our minds.

Try these three steps:

  1. Trigger. Get to know the trigger that makes you act or react to the situation.
  2. Have the appropriate thought-out logical behavior or response to the trigger.
  3. Result.  Look at the result that came from your response.

We cannot change the trigger, it is not usually in our control.

HOWEVER, we can absolutely change our behavior and the response.  Now, check the result.  If you do not like the result, change your response.  All it takes is awareness of the situation at hand.

Awareness is best taught through meditation.  The brain is malleable.  It has the ability to change and become “re-wired”.  Neurons that fire together, wire together. Meditation can be as easy as just focusing and becoming aware.

  • Start with just 2-3 breaths. Notice the breath, feel the breath go into your nose and chest.
  • Take a walk, but pay attention to the walk.  Notice the grass, trees, sounds, smells.
  • Eating.  Be mindful and aware when you eat. Slow down, look at the food, smell the aroma, chew slowly and longer, enjoy the taste.

Simple tools that will entrain these habits into your mind and brain and this will become a new norm.  And, will spill over into your everyday life.

“What you practice grows stronger”  This is true of good and bad habitual habits and patterns.



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