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Myofascial Therapy with Lisa Sayegh, RN, BSN, LMT, NC

Lisa, a registered nurse, myofascial therapist, and nurse coach, has been dedicated to making a difference in the lives of her clients for the past 30 years. Her specialty in bodywork includes myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, and medical massage, and when combined with her traditional medical training, she offers a unique balance of eastern and western medicine, intending to realign and reeducate not only the body but the being within. The fascia is an intricate web of connective tissue and the most superficial layer of tissue where emotional and physical trauma is often stored in the body on a subconscious level. By applying sustained pressure to restricted areas, Lisa facilitates the potential for profound healing. Myofascial release has many benefits, including relieving pain, restoring motion, and improving...

Portobello Pizzas

Ingredients: 4 large Portobello mushrooms, gills removed Avocado pesto, recipe 1⁄4 c grated mozzarella cheese Roma tomato sliced thin Italian seasoning Salt and pepper to taste Directions: Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Clean out the gills of mushrooms. Fill each mushroom with ample pesto to fill the bottom. Layer tomatoes over pesto, then top with cheese and seasonings. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes or until cheese melts and becomes bubbly. ...


The Hidden Effects of Sleep Deprivation

So often, when we discuss being healthy, we often talk about eating better food or going to the gym. But exercise and diet don’t tell the full story of your health. In fact, how much sleep you get–and the quality of your sleep–can greatly impact your wellbeing. Let’s dive into some hidden effects of sleep deprivation and why you should aim for eight hours of sleep a night.   Slows Cognitive Functioning   Our brains are less active when we don’t get enough sleep. Less sleep takes us longer to complete tasks, and we’re more likely to make mistakes. In fact, a study in the Lancet showed that those who were sleep-deprived took 14% longer to complete tasks and made 20% more errors than those who were well-rested. Sleep...


Erika Shepard, RN MSN

Erika Shepard, RN MSN, has spent the last decade following her passion for helping people optimize their nervous systems to elevate their mental and emotional well-being. Erika received her Bachelor's of Nursing at Arizona State University and her Master's of Nursing at Georgetown University, where she was a Summa Cum Laude graduate of both. She has also received training and certification through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and The ThetaHealing Institute. She spent her career as a psychiatric, trauma ICU, forensic nurse, family nurse practitioner, and mind-body healer. Working with people at their most vulnerable showed her the powerful connection between the body, mind, and heart. This led her to the healing modalities she uses today that reprogram and reset an individual's subconscious nervous system patterns, helping...

Summer “Do’s” and “Dont’s

Summer is here and we're all ready to enjoy days at the pool and sunny warm weather. Dr. Palermo shares some of her secrets to make this season your best! Don’t Put on Sunscreen… At least for the first twenty minutes, you are in the sun. Vitamin D deficiency is common with over 80% of Americans being deficient. This is a result of our overreaction to the risk of skin cancer with sun exposure. Vitamin D is important for adequate immune function and control of inflammation, neurological and cardiovascular function, bone-building, fighting depression, and most importantly, fighting and preventing many kinds of cancer. The body produces it Vitamin D with exposure to the sun and sunscreen blocks this process. UVB rays, (not UVA rays which lead to aging...

Celiac Disease Thrive

Motivation: Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease. Did you know that 1 in 100 people have it?   Registered Dietician, Annette Habecker explains more about this autoimmune disease in this motivation If you think you have celiac or other autoimmune issues, our Thrive team can help! Contact our office to schedule an appointment with our functional physicians + dietitians today! https://vimeo.com/711702348  ...

Getting to Know the ”P Vitamins”- Phytonutrients

Most of us are familiar with macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and many are aware of micronutrients and vitamins. These are all listed on food labels and are components of a healthy diet. Few, however, are familiar with the phytonutrients and phytochemicals. Phytonutrients are plant-based compounds once referred to as Vitamin “P” Turns out these compounds have not been considered a vitamin and do not even have a daily recommended dose. Yet, phytonutrients have been at the forefront of nutritional research and the findings have many quite excited, but you will not find them listed anywhere on nutrition or food labels. We have been told to eat our fruits and vegetables because they are good for us, but researchers are learning the distinct properties of the phytonutrients...