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Whole Health Spring Cleaning

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Whole Health Spring Cleaning

As the flowers bloom and the weather turns warmer, we come out of the winter hibernation and
tackle spring cleaning.

Nearly 8 out of 10 Americans practice spring cleaning regularly. While clearing up the clutter and the pollen is important this is a great time to clear up some of the unhealthy practices, we allowed in during the winter months. We must tackle these “chores” mindfully to embrace true self-care. Do not think of them as obligatory but rather empowering and liberating. Reducing clutter and unhealthy habits can be beneficial for our mental health and our physical health. Let’s try to embrace this mindset while we tackle the physical jobs.

Spring cleaning, like many resets, can be referred to as a “temporal landmark”.

These are the times in our lives that can be considered a transition, like a new school year or a new home. They bring with them the hope for a fresh start. This is a good mindset, so we want to make sure we seize all the opportunities. Focusing on things like cleaning the outdoor furniture can also give us a sense of control and purpose, which can reduce the stress and anxiety of those things we cannot control, like the current political arena or climate control.

Clutter can also impact our mental health, so now is a good time to address the clutter in the house, in the refrigerator or pantry, and in your inbox. Getting your house cleaned and in order can transition into other areas of your life. Cleaning your refrigerator and pantry is a great time to consider restocking them with healthier options, making you less inclined to make poor dietary decisions. Having easier options in the freezer can make a busy night less daunting. As you clean, be mindful of how you plan to restock. We included a chapter in the Thrive Cookbook that focuses on how to stock your kitchen with healthy staples that can be used for the simple, tasty, and healthy recipes in the book. Setting up your kitchen for success in the busy Spring and Summer seasons is a great place to start.

Since good habits can have a snowball effect let’s think about what other areas to tackle.

First, consider what factors zapped your energy in the winter months and kept you from reaching your health goals. Why did you find it so difficult to make your own health a priority? We need always to be mindful of the very things that keep us from reaching our best selves because we are depleted or out of time. Maybe now is a good time to declutter your commitments. If you do not have time to exercise and cook healthy meals, you should not be volunteering to be PTA president or class mom. Be realistic with where you put your time and energy. Reconsidering time with friends, drinking excessive alcohol, or eating things you know are not giving you good energy is a reason to limit these excursions. Or better yet, suggest healthier choices like a spa getaway without alcohol and healthier food options. Or evaluate the relationships in your life that are draining you of healthy energy. Do these people need to be in your life? Can you separate yourself or at least lay down some ground rules? Replace time with these emotional vampires with those that build energy and mindset.

Another place to tackle is your social media feed. Now is a great time to disconnect from these things that zap your time and energy. Is this time spent really bringing you joy and connection, or is it robbing you of confidence and spiking your anxiety? Have you ever measured your time on social media or surfing the web? Sometimes, it is eye-opening. Many individuals find that when they disconnect, they feel markedly better and have significantly more time to spend on things like self-care and real-time with others.

Now that you feel reset and decluttered, use the time to set realistic goals. Be sure they are small and specific. Take the time to list small achievable additions to your life that will help you improve over time. Be realistic with your goals. Break them down so you cannot fail. The “done” list will be much more empowering than the “to-do” list. Even if the addition is a 0.1% change, it will increase over time!!

Now put on your headphones, listen to a podcast or some motivating music, and get cleaning!!!!

Thrive Carolinas

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