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Motivation: Diabetes and Blood Sugar

Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans will develop diabetes in their lifetime? In this week’s Motivation, Dr. Palermo talks more about Diabetes Awareness Month. The holidays can be hard when trying to keep our blood sugar in check. We are here to help you navigate the holiday season. On November 15th, we offer a cooking class focusing on Healthy Holiday recipes. Planning ahead always helps with this time of year + Thrive is here to help you do just that! ...

Motivation: Blue Zones and phytonutrients

In this week's Motivation, Dr. Palermo talks more about the Blue Zones and phytonutrients that they include in their diets. Phytonutrients are the chemicals that come from plants. 🌱 Learn more about these powerful nutrients in today’s video, and remember - the best way to get these nutrients is from fruits + vegetables. Supplements don’t provide phytonutrients the way that whole foods do.   https://vimeo.com/693573115  ...

Motivation: TMAO

We are continuing our series on heart ♥️ disease + cardiometabolic health. In this week's Motivation, Dr. Fletcher talks about a new lab test called TMAO. This test sheds light on the interconnection between our gut microbiome, our nutrition, (particularly the western diet), and what is happening with chronic inflammatory conditions - particularly cardiovascular disease. Learn more about what you can do for better heart health + make healthier choices to your diet! https://vimeo.com/678317865  ...

Motivation: Labs, Blood Work & HS CRP

In this week’s Motivation Harlee Palmer, PA talks about HS CRP. CRP is an acute-phase protein that is released by the liver into the bloodstream when there is inflammation. It can be elevated with an infection, but if chronically elevated we want to dig a little deeper to see what is causing the inflammation. Find out more about HS CRP and labs that may be needed at your next visit! https://vimeo.com/662312245  ...