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Motivation: What Can a Costa Rican Diet Teach Americans About Health?

In this week’s Motivation, Dr. Palermo talks about the healthy lifestyle of people living in Costa Rica and South America. Did you happen to catch our cooking class on the 19th as we focus on the cuisine and lifestyle of Costa Rica and Central America? If not, stay tuned for upcoming cooking classes that will teach other healthy cuisine from around the world! ...

Motivation: The Benefits of Cooking at Home

In this week's Motivation, Dr. Palermo is encouraging all of us to start cooking and eating at home more often. The average American has spent approximately $ 3,000 this year dining out. These foods contain excessive calories + unhealthy ingredients that are affecting our waistlines! This fall, we are going to have simple meal ideas for you! Until then, think about meal prepping ahead of time. Put on a podcast or a TV show, and keep it simple! ...

Motivation: Staying Hydrated

Dr. Fletcher discusses the importance of staying properly hydrated in this summer heat! With heat indexes in the 100s this week, we are giving you tips to stay hydrated. Think about adding fruit to your water or eating hydrating foods like watermelon to increase water intake. If you are feeling tired or have a headache, dehydration may be the culprit. ...

Motivation: Summer Sleep Schedule

In this Motivation, Dr. Palermo talks about sticking to your regular sleep schedule this summer. With a relaxed schedule, sometimes we fall into the pattern of going to bed later and then sleeping later. This can make it harder to return to a normal schedule in the fall. Learn more in today’s Motivation and work on that sleep routine! ...

Motivation: Thyroid Hormones

In this week's Motivation, Dr. Fletcher talks about thyroid hormones, hypothyroidism, and the interplay with stress. If you’d like to learn more, join us for a Yoga + Learn class to find out how your thyroid levels affect your energy and easy ways to fight thyroid fatigue. We’ll begin with a 55-minute yoga class with Suzanne Bergen and end with a discussion with Dr. Fletcher. All levels are welcome, and modifications will be offered. Wear your yoga clothes and bring your mat! Details: Cost: $30 FREE for Thrivers! Date: June 12th, 2023 Time: 6:00pm– 7:30pm Signup on Mindbody, or call the office at 704-390-7150 ...

Motivation: Sleep

Dr. Palermo talks about the importance of sleep in this week's Motivation! Did you know that growth hormones and testosterone are produced while you sleep? It is also essential for brain clean-up and immunity. If you aren’t getting enough rest (less than 5 hours of sleep), insulin resistance can increase due to the rise of insulin levels the following day. Learn more about why you should get at least 7 hours of sleep each night and why those sleeping pills may not be the quick fix you are looking for! ...

Motivation: Why you could benefit from a Detox

In today’s Motivation, Dr. Fletcher discusses who would benefit from a detoxification program. Chemicals are in our food, water supply, cosmetics, and cleaning products. Sometimes this toxic load can contribute to the way we are feeling and can contribute to autoimmune diseases. Learn more in today’s video, and don't forget to read  Dr. Fletcher's article Assessing your Toxin Load and download the MSQ and Toxin Exposure questionnaires in this newsletter! ...