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Tag: motivation

Motivation Monday | Depression and Anxiety

Many Americans suffer from Depression and Anxiety, and our traditional ways of a “pill for every ill” is not for everyone. There are many alternatives to reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety by using natural methods like kundalini yoga. Learn more from Dr. Nancy Palermo in this weeks Motivation Monday.  

Harnessing the Energy of the Summer Solstice

SUMMER: ACUPUNCTURE AND THE FIRE ELEMENT Summer is officially here.  Days are longer and typically filled with sunshine.  The season brings with it abundant energy, growth, and fun-filled activities. In traditional Chinese medicine, five element theory, acupuncture and eastern philosophy, this season is considered to be in the fire element.  It is the time of […]

Monday Motivation: The Case Against Cola

A 20 oz Cola has 17 tsp of sugar and is associated with an increased risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.     The caramel coloring is linked to cancer and vascular abnormalities. Drinking diet Cola can cause a 2-fold reduction in kidney function. If that is not enough maybe hearing some other uses […]

Monday Motivation: The Truth about Sunscreen

It’s beach season, and we’re all looking to protect our skin with Sunscreen. Listen to Dr. Amy Fletcher discuss what types of ingredients to look for when buying that next bottle.  

Monday Motivation | Food Seasonings

Dr. Tracy Larson talks about the seasonings that we put on our foods and how to recognize the good condiments from the bad.      

Monday Motivation | Dr. Fletcher’s Best Reads for Personal Health

Dr. Fletcher shares her top reads for personal health