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Thyroid Disturbances

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More Than Weight Management

More Than Weight Management Many people who struggle to lose weight no matter what they are doing often find out that they have a problem with their thyroid not producing enough hormone. T3 and T4 are both produced by the thyroid and have significant effects on overall health. However, hypothyroidism does not always present with difficulty losing weight and often, the thyroid can be having problems long before symptoms start to develop. ​Thyroid Symptoms​ Fatigue Increased sensitivity to cold Dry skin Weight gain Constipation Muscle weakness/stiffness/tenderness Depression Impaired memory Thinning hair Enlarged thyroid (goiter) Many, many others People always associate hypothyroidism with weight gain, but most do not realize how large of a role the thyroid plays in so many bodily functions. The above-listed are only a...