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Autumn & Acupuncture

In traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we look at seasons and consider them as elements. With each season, there are elements and meridians (channels) that correspond. During each season, we look at the meridians and elements and how they affect or correlate to both the physical and emotional aspects of our lives. One of the basic theories of Eastern Medicine is to look for a balance of the meridians and a balance between Yin and Yang. This is very similar to Western Medicine, where we look for homeostasis in the physiology of the body, like blood pressure and the PH in the blood. We are now going from the high energy and carefree attitudes of summer (Yang in nature) to the more serious and introspective energies (Yin) that are...

Motivation: Qi Gong

Dr. Scott Greenapple talks about his upcoming Qi Gong workshop in this Motivation Sign up now; only a few spots left! This 4-part series with Dr. Scott Greenapple will delve into the nine phases of cultivating and mastering Qi. Known as The 9 Phases of Personal Cultivation. The classes will include Qi Gong (movement meditation), breathwork, eastern philosophy, and mindfulness meditations. The nine phases are broken up into 3 categories: The first class will be on the first phase, “Jing,” or the Earth Phase. This will focus on 3 specific Qi Gong movements focused on the physical body. The second class will focus on the heart/mind, emotions, breath, and life force. These movements target the nervous system, thoughts, and emotions and help to create calm in the midst of life’s...

COVID 19 & Long Hauler: Alterations in Taste, Smell and Brain Fog

As we are now in our third year of COVID or post-COVID conditions, we are seeing a range of new, returning, or continuing problems that people experience after first being infected with the virus. Most will get better within a few weeks after being infected, but some will have symptoms or new symptoms appearing after four weeks, and these are considered long haulers. People who experience post-COVID conditions can have a multitude of ailments, the most common are the following: Fatigue Shortnessofbreath Cough Heart palpitations Stomach pain Muscle or joint pain Rash The most common neurological symptoms and what I treat the most in the office and will focus on in the article are: Brain fog (difficulty concentrating or thinking) Loss or change of smell (anosmia-loss of smell,...

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

[caption id="attachment_4834" align="alignleft" width="300"] Dr. Scott Greenapple[/caption]  May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and April is Stress Awareness Month.  So, we will combine a few theories, thoughts, and “tools” with helping people become aware and educated and offer some guidance for you or any you may know who suffers from these diseases.   Globally, mental health issues are on the rise. From COVID, political unrest, the war in Ukraine, climate change, inflation, and government involvement in woman’s rights, there is a sense of angst with so much uncertainty and division among us.  With that being said, I am not sure if I have ever witnessed in my lifetime more depression, anxiety, and general anxiety disorder (GAD) being reported in the media or seen in health care professional practices.  Some...

We’re Nuts about staying Healthy – Here’s Why

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. Nuts are a great way to get a dose of heart-healthy fat, as well as a mix of valuable vitamins and minerals.  The National Center for Biomedical Information states that “by virtue of their unique composition, they are likely to beneficially impact health outcomes.”  Research suggest that regular nut consumption is unlikely to contribute to obesity and may even help in weight loss!  But that doesn’t mean that you should eat handful after handful.  Instead (like most things), moderation is key. Ideally, a serving  should be about the size of a golf ball. All nuts are not created equal. Many are high in fat content. They are one of the natural plant foods richest in fat.  Nuts are beneficial because...

Secrets to Winter Health and Energy

SECRETS TO WINTER HEALTH AND ENERGY Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture and Qi Gong practices believe that human beings should live in harmony with their environment and seasons.  Each season represents an “element” and we have specific ways to balance, restore, maintain and boost your immune system and create harmony in this time of the year.  These treatments and dietary recommendations can help ward off the common cold, flu and help alleviate the blues and depression that can be called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) due to lack of sunshine and exposure.  Some of the best parts of acupuncture are its “side effects”.  These include stress reduction, increase energy and help with sleep disorders such as insomnia. TCM and the winter season: Everything in nature is both Yin and...

Autumn – Acupuncture Qi Gong and Mindfulness

Autumn/Fall is the season of harvest as we prepare for the winter season. [caption id="attachment_4834" align="alignleft" width="184"] Dr. Scott Greenapple[/caption] We look to collecting and storing nutrition as well as mental clarity for the purpose of cultivation and culmination to allow us to grow and let go of and move on to the next cycle of the seasons and life itself.  We can move forward with the proper care that allows us to balance the body/mind experience and balance the nervous system to enhance our overall well-being. Fall is the time of year to go deeper into self-care, retrospection, and meditation. In traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we look at seasons and consider them as elements. With each change of the season, there are elements and meridians that correspond....

Enhance Your Immune System this Spring with a Detox

Cleansing your mind, body, and spirit. In turn, Detox your life and enhance your immune system Dr. Scott Greenapple   In theories of acupuncture, humans are looked at as part of the natural world that surrounds them. Seasons change and during this transition from one season to another, it is important to stay balanced with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The spring season is known as the Wood element in TCM.  Spring is the Liver and Gall bladder organ and meridian.  Spring is when the liver should thrive.  However, during transition, or early spring, the liver can get out of whack or out of harmony and become vulnerable. Acupuncture improves the function of the liver meridian and can restore balance to the organs. According to TCM, the liver is responsible for...

Monday Motivation: Acupuncture for COVID-19: Loss of Smell and Taste

https://vimeo.com/504140735   Dr. Scott Greenapple The primary long haul or lingering effects from COVID 19 are loss of sense of smell and taste. From the research, approximately 85% of COVID -19 patients will experience some subjective disturbance in their sense of smell. The median return of smell is about eight days. It is estimated that 25% of patients lose their sense of smell up to 60 days, and 15% experience loss of smell more than 60 days. An interesting retro study showed that patients who maintained their sense of smell and taste had more severe symptoms of the disease and were more likely to go to the hospital and even be put on ventilators. The ones who lost their sense of smell and taste had milder cases. A recent controlled clinical...