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Motivation: Thrive’s Annual Detox Program

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Motivation: Thrive’s Annual Detox Program

Dr. Fletcher talks about our annual Detox this month. Learn more about what this detox entails, and join us!

Healthy liver function is critical for preventing illness, improving metabolic and biochemical pathways, and reversing chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding your body’s detoxification system; tips on clean eating
  • The link between exercise and sleep and your liver function
  • Reducing your toxic load at home and work
  • Mindfulness & meditation

This year’s program includes the following:

  • Group classes led by our providers
  • Educational materials and videos
  • Food plan, including a shopping guide and healthy recipes

Date of Class 1: 1/17/23
Date of Class 2: 2/21/23

General Admission:

Class $100.00
Kit $200.00 (optional), Please call the office to order yours!


Class $75.00
Kit $170.00 (Optional, 20% discount). Please call the office to order yours!

Purchase by clicking HERE
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