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March is National Nutrition Month!

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March is National Nutrition Month!

We at Thrive are celebrating National Nutrition Month this March!

Thrive embraces a food-first philosophy knowing that helping our patients improve their diets’ nutrient density – by increasing plant and whole-food intake will improve the overall health of almost everyone!


If you are dealing with a specific health condition, or are an athlete seeking to improve performance and recovery, or are now struggling with weight loss or seek improved mood and energy – nutrition is key.    We believe that by improving your diet, you can often avoid the initial expression of disease and certainly control the progression by optimizing your food choices for your specific needs.

We are each unique individuals whose genetics and lifestyle can often dictate if we are diagnosed with a chronic condition.

Often medicine is quickly prescribed for such chronic illnesses, and sometimes nutrition is neglected.  We believe that nutrition is one of the foundation pieces that should be included first and would actually increase the body’s ability to heal or manage disease progression. Even if medication is necessary, including personalized nutrition information that empowers the body to heal promotes the best outcome for patients.

Our dietitian at Thrive is an integral part of our team of functional medicine doctors.

Access to detailed laboratory evaluation by the doctors helps each one on our team best address how you can begin your personal health journey.  A personalized nutrition plan considers your lab results, medical history, and lifestyle, so an actionable plan is developed for you to implement.  This personalized plan with details specifically for your unique needs is the HOW TO make actional changes you can feel and see.  Knowledge is a powerful tool, and when combined with detailed information of meal-by-meal changes – big results are achieved for better health!

We believe so strongly in food as medicine that we offer various ways for you to learn which style of eating works before for your unique profile.

Please schedule an appointment with our dietitian to develop a custom plan that works for you!
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