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Enhance Your Immune System With These Acupuncture Points

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Enhance Your Immune System With These Acupuncture Points

Dr. Scott Greenapple

With all the media coverage, the daily barrage of political briefings as to what we can do to avoid getting COVID-19 or what will be the best new medicine or vaccine developed; very few if any are speaking about how we can enhance our own immune systems. It is very clear that those who are at the most risk of severe illness or death, for the most part, are those who are older or have a compromised or weakened immune system. This is a common theme amongst most illnesses. If we have a strong immune defense system, theoretically, we have the best chances of fighting off most illnesses, including viruses. If in fact there is a second round of this or another increase in the curve, doesn’t it make sense to try and have the most efficient immune system? Why wait for an exogenous (developed from the outside) type of medicine when you can sustain your own well-being and increase your endogenous (developed and growing from within) internal medicine, by increasing your own functional capacity. This can be
obtained through a number of self-healing techniques. I have written and have shared with you by means of video things like, diet, sleep, hydration, exercise, Qi Gong and Mindfulness Meditation for immune enhancement. Now I will share some very powerful immune support acupuncture points that you can use “acupressure” or tapping over the points to stimulate and clear the stagnation or blockages of these channels.

Acupuncture strengthens the immune system. Acupuncture and most of Chinese Medicine can not only stimulate endorphins for decreasing pain, increase blood flow for healing, stimulate nerve pathways to increase neurotransmitters for things like anxiety and depression, but one of its primary purposes is to PREVENT illness and build a strong immune system and response in case of infection or illness. The Eastern theory of medicine is prevention, a wellness model. It can make us stronger, so in theory we can avoid disease or illness rather than address them after they have entered our bodies. This is the opposite of the Western theory of medicine which is a reaction to an illness to address the symptoms and pathology once they appear. Practices of acupuncture, Qi Gong, Mindfulness

Meditation work by increasing our capacity to cope with imbalances and
stagnation physically and emotionally.

Follow with these primary and strong acupuncture points that you can self-stimulate with pressure or tapping on them. When applying pressure, use a strong but comfortable pressure for 20-30 seconds. Do both sides of the body. If you can do both points at once, do so. If tapping or “slapping” the points, again use a good amount of pressure but should always be comfortable. These are easy to follow and you should try and do this once per day. This is what I have my patients do in-between visits with me. You can also do these points on your children or others to enhance their immune systems. Breathe slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth or nose, making this a sort of self-care meditation to calm the body, mind, and spirit. Listed below are the point combinations and illustrations of their locations.

Acupoint – LI4

Large intestine channel- (He Gu- Chinese name) between the first and second finger at the highest spot of the muscle when the thumb and index finger are brought close together. Strengthens the immune system, great for headaches, neck pain, face or jaw pain, increases circulation and reduces stress.

Acupoint- LV3

Liver channel- ( Tai Chong-Chinese name) between first and
second toe, webbing of toes. Soothes the liver, has a calming effect on the nervous system, increases circulation and enhances the immune system. When used together with He Gu, this is called 4 gates theory. This is a great combination for stress, anxiety and depression. I liken this to open windows in your house and letting all the good energy (Qi) come in to your body.

Acupoint – ST36

Stomach channel- (Zusanli- Chinese name). Three fingers below knee cap and one finger width out. One of the most studied points in the acupuncture system both in the east and west. Used to modulate the immune system, increase blood flow, target low immunity, aid in digestion and stomach disorders and bring energy to the legs and body when fatigued.

Acupoint- LI 11

Large intestine channel ( Qu Chi). Easy to locate with the elbow bent, flexed, located towards the outside of the elbow crease between the elbow and the crease. Increases the immune system, decreases fever, increases blood and circulation, regulates energy and blood.

Acupoint- KD27

Kidney channel (Shu Fu). In a depression just below clavicle towards midline. Enhances the function of the lung, calms breathing and suppresses cough.

Acupoint- CV 17

Conception or Ren vessel (Shan Zhong). In a depression on the midline, sternum between the nipples around the 4 th rib. The sea of Qi, upper body energy point. Directly over the Thymus gland which houses and produces the killer functional T cells, critical for the immune system to fight off foreign envaders.

Remember, self-care is the best health care. Turn on the bodies innate
capabilities and make your own medicine for NO COST!

Stephen Fogg

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