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Getting to know Thrive Chef Joe LaPiana

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Getting to know Thrive Chef Joe LaPiana

Born in Boston and having grown up in an Italian-American household, food was always a focal point for Joe and his family. At age 15, Joe began working for a caterer in downtown Boston. After graduating from college, he spent 15 years working in New York’s culinary scene.


Eager for a new challenge, he decided to pursue a career change in commercial aviation with FedEx, flying for over 25 years. In his free time, Joe enjoys skiing with his triplet boys and is the race director for a 9-11 memorial race in Charlotte with his wife, Suzanne.


As a team member, Joe strives to make cooking accessible and leverage the Thrive platform’s cumulative knowledge to create easy science-based meals. His classes aim to form positive relationships with the kitchen and empower clients to feel comfortable setting nutrition goals for themselves and their families. Food is transformative, and Joe looks forward to sharing his approach.
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