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Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Chronic Diseases

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Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Chronic Diseases

Change Your Lifestyle to Prevent Chronic Disease.

Chronic disease is preventable through lifestyle changes like diet, exercise and stress reduction.

Americans are suffering more and more from chronic diseases. With numbers reaching epidemic proportion

  • 50% of Americans have at least one chronic disease and 25% have more than one

  • 25% of young adults are not healthy enough to join military

  • 30% of children will develop diabetes

  • 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription and 25% take 3 or more

  • 2/3rds of deaths in the US are caused by one or more of 5 top preventable chronic diseases

  • 80% of healthcare costs used towards treating these chronic diseases and it is estimated that healthcare costs will reach $47 billion over the next decade

Conventional medicine is focused on treating the symptoms of the disease rather than the root cause of the health problem. The solution to disease does not exist solely from a pill bottle. Rather, successful treatment strategies incorporating lifestyle changes encouraging patients to take a participatory role in their health. Thrive Wellness follows the “4 P’s” approach towards a healthy life for our patients.
Predictive –  It’s important to see your physician regularly to develop a sound medical portfolio. The more information your provider collects the better picture they can paint of your overall health situation. This can help pinpoint the problem fast.
Preventative – Modifying lifestyle factors to prevent disease. Quitting smoking, building a plan to lose weight, cutting sodium and sugars from your diet are common examples of how modifying your lifestyle can prevent disease and increase overall health.
Personalized – Recognizing that every patient does not fit into one mold. Thrive does not follow a “if this, then that” flow chart of health, rather we understand every patient is different and spend more time with them than your average doctor.
Participatory – Individuals must play an active role in their overall health. Your doctor can show you the benefits from modifying lifestyle factors and put a plan for success in place. But the patient needs to commit to the plan to be successful.
Thrive is your resource for a healthier life. We offer classes on Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Stress Reduction alongside one on one appointments with Dr. Fletcher, Dr. Palermo or Dr. Larson regarding Functional, Integrative, Obesity and Lifestyle Medicine. We would love to help you Thrive…. Become a new patient today!

Stephen Fogg

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