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Thriving Through the Holiday’s Our Holiday Gift Giving Guide

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Thriving Through the Holiday’s Our Holiday Gift Giving Guide

The holiday season is marked by food, family, and, of course, gifts.

Gift-giving is not only a big contributor to the stress of the season but also a big contributor to trash and waste. Americans throw out 25 percent more garbage between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and some of the trash includes new Christmas gifts. A little mindfulness during gift selection can help reduce this waste and may also please the recipients more than that last-minute holiday tie purchase. A health-oriented purchase will be the gift that keeps giving.

2023 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

How About a Book?

Books to Inspire

Books/Magazines to Empower

  • One-Year Subscription to Experience Life Magazine Empowering people to become their healthiest, happiest, most authentic selves and supporting a balanced, deeply satisfying way of life. (One year, about $28.00)

Books to Make You More Mindful

Self-Care Themed Books

Stocking Stuffers

  • Eminence Lip BalmAvailable at Thrive ($24.00)
  • Gift Packs
  • Bird Cherry Natural SoapAvailable at Thrive ($7.00)
  • Thrive Gift Card for a Facial or Massage
  • Red/Blue Light Add-On Treatment ($15.00) (Red Light-Laser for wrinkles, pigmentation, acne & more)

Healthy Home

  • Organic Flower Diffusers and Seeds – Available at Thrive ($30.00)
  • Organic Clean-burning Soy Candles Available at Thrive ($40.00)
  • Molekule Air Filter (www.amazon.com $99 – $750 depending on size)

White Flower Farm-Fresh Flowers and Plans

  • White Flower Farm: A fresh plant or a monthly plant subscription service, or better yet, houseplants, to help with detoxification. Look for Peace Lily, Bamboo Palm, English Ivy, and Chinese Evergreen. All great purifiers. www.whiteflowerfarm.com
  • Joovv: Home Red light Therapy ($399-$2500) – www.joovv.com

Healthy Cooking Ideas

Healthy Charitable Gift Loved One’s Honor

  • Look for a conservancy that protects the environment or smaller charities that help those in need. Generally, more of the dollars go where you want them to go.
  • Also, consider giving to non-profits looking out for your health. Environmental Working Group has a special gift to accompany your donation. A non-profit, non-partisan group formed 20 years ago to protect citizens’ health and the environment. www.EWG.org

Healthy Consumables

  • Many of these mail-order companies have holiday specials to sweeten your gift.
  • One-Year Subscription to Thrive Market – Healthy Organic Groceries ($50)
  • Gift Box or gift card from Butcher Box – Grass-fed, organic meats.
  • Gift Box or Gift Card to Wild Fork Foods (organic meats, seafood, vegetables, and meals)
  • Year Subscription to a local CSA (Fresh Farm Carolinas/Wild Hope Farm)
  • Sustainable Wild Caught Seafood
  • Home Delivery Meals for a month ( HelloFresh or SunBasket, Hungry Root or Blossoming Kitchen-many have Holiday Specials. They list ingredients and allergens.

Gift Box for Organic Coffee and Teas-Carolina Coffee Company

  • Ditch the plastic coffee pods with all the associated toxins! This company’s simple mission was to help you have the best cup of coffee ever. There are many organic versions and all the tools you need to make the perfect cup. (www.carolinacoffeecompany.com)

Enzo’s Organic Olive Oils and Vinegars

  • Nestled among picturesque olive groves in the Central San Joaquin Valley, ENZO Olive Oil Company’s mill is home to the award-winning, 100% estate-grown organic extra virgin olive oil. Unlike many other olive oil companies, the entire olive oil process at ENZO is completed from start to finish on-site, producing one of the freshest oils available and assuring superior quality and taste.

Give the Gift of Health

  • In Body Scans ($35/each, 5 for $140.00)
  • Health Coaching Sessions ($85.00 for a single session)(4 sessions $320/ 10 sessions for $790)
  • Thrive Membership 6 and 12 months (6-month membership $450/month, 12-month membership – $300/month)
  • 10 class pass for exercise (strength and yoga) ($160 Thrive)
  • Private Yoga Session with one of the Thrive Instructors ( perfect for someone new to yoga)
  • Private Foundational Session with Josh

Experiences to share and/or gift.

  • We all need to get out of the house and experience life. Our post-COVID selves keep up in front of a screen in a zombie-like state. It is time to break out.
  • Classes:  Dance, Cooking, Candle Making, Pottery, Oil Painting
  • Lessons:  Tennis, Pickleball, Golf, Surfing, Skiing
  • Entertainment:  Movie Tickets, Show Tickets, Concert Tickets, Sports Event
  • Activity: National Park Pass, Mini Golf Pass, Ski Pass, Amusement or Theme Park Pass
  • Unique: Psychic, Tarot or Astrology Reading, On-line Class or Workshop, Reiki Session, Escape Room


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