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QI GONG: HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH & IMMUNE SYSTEM Dr. Scott Greenapple We are in a new and ever-changing paradigm shift in our world right now with regards to this new COVID-19, Coronavirus. With fear, anxiety, and stress running rampid, I would like to offer some practices from Eastern medicine which will help with stress reduction as well as immune support during these trying times. Qi Gong is part of the five pillars of traditional Chinese medicine and some consider it "The Most Profound Medicine". This form of moving meditation can also be known as "movement medication". Qi Gong and Mindfulness are both excellent modalities for self-care and well being. Qi Gong involves focused movement accompanied by mindful breathwork. These two very simple forms of Qi Gong that...

Thrive Service Announcement: COVID-19

With all the fear and anxiety going on, we want to share some mindful and stress relief advice regarding the COVID 19, Coronavirus. All the doctors at Thrive would like to acknowledge the fact that yes, the Coronavirus is real, it is here, and we must take this seriously. We are taking all the necessary precautions and want you to as well. The best defense at this point is a good offense. Meaning, take all necessary precautions as one would with any viral outbreak. From what we know so far is that this is an upper respiratory illness that is passed from droplets, saliva, mucus. So, washing your hands often for 20 seconds is very important. Cover your mouth and nose if you cough or sneeze. Avoid...