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Pros and Cons of the 7-minute doctor’s visit

Depending on your medical needs, the 7-minute doctor’s visit could be a time-saving relief or a frustrating experience. This type of appointment is usually a general checkup, though you could also get a 7-minute doctor’s visit when you aren’t feeling well and need a prescription from the doctor. Before you schedule a 7-minute doctor’s visit, there are some pros and cons worth considering.   Pros   The most obvious advantage of this appointment type is that it saves you time. Research from Harvard Medical school found the average medical visit takes 121 minutes. However, most people only see the actual doctor for 20 of those 121 minutes while the rest is administrative time or due to other appointments running long, increasing the wait time of patients with appointments later...

Thrive Welcomes Dr. Scott Greenapple to the Practice.

Dr. Scott Greenapple Joins Thrive! Dr. Greenapple’s extensive experience practicing traditional acupuncture and Neuropuncture alongside his continued passion for eastern medicine and philosophies will surely help you achieve your personal desires for health, balance and overall wellbeing at Thrive! What is Neuropuncture? Neuropuncture is a highly effective acupuncture system bridging western medical science and traditional Chinese medicine. It focuses on the treatment of pain management, orthopedic conditions, internal medicine and emotional issues such as anxiety, depression and insomnia. Dr. Greenapple is continuously improving upon and adding many Qi Gong classes and certifications. He is looking to incorporate his most recent training in Awareness Training to add to mindfulness with his Qi Gong practices for his patients. Dr. Greenapple will be going to China in May for one month on a spiritual...