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How can vitamin K2 help your bones and heart?

By: Harlee Palmer MSW, PA-C Vitamin K comes in different forms; K1 and K2. K1, a phylloquinone is primarily found in plant foods, such as leafy greens and is used to make proteins involved in blood clotting. K2, refers to a collection of structures called menaquinones, abbreviated as MK with a number attached. MK 4, MK 7.One might see this distinction on a supplement bottle. K2 is made in small amounts by gut bacteria and is also found in fermented food and animal products. Recent research has explored its role in bone health, cardiovascular health and insulin sensitivity. The menaquinones getting the most attention are MK 4 and MK 7. MK7 shows promise for bone health by activating a protein called osteocalcin. Osteocalcin helps get calcium into the...