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What You Need to Know About Hair Loss

It is normal to shed some hair. But if you are finding your shower drain is clogged every day or noticing a bald spot or thinning area it can be worrisome. We all want thick and healthy hair but thinning hair can be a sign of disruption or deficiency that needs to be addressed. Normal Hair Growth Cycles We develop our hair follicles in-utero. We have over 5 million hair follicles on our entire body and about 1 million on our heads. These are the most hair follicles we will ever have in our lifetime. As we pass through childhood to adulthood are scalp grows and so our hair follicles space out and our hair thins. Hair is made up of the follicle which is below the skin edge and...

Dr. Brian Jerby shares the importance of Zinc on this Motivational Monday

Understand why Zinc is important to healthy Immune functions including reducing the severity of the common cold while a lack of Zinc makes people suspectable to disease and illness. [embed]https://vimeo.com/297315182[/embed]   [maxbutton id="2" url="https://thrivecarolinas.com/evisit/" text="Request a Free eVisit" ]   [caption id="attachment_2717" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Thrive employs Functional Medicine providers certified from the Institute of Functional Medicine[/caption]...