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THRIVE is a collaborative platform of conventional, integrative, & functional medicine practitioners coming together in one setting to provide personalized healthcare to clients.
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Thrive Virtual Exercise Classes

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Thrive Virtual Exercise Classes

During this time of isolation, Thrive is doing our part to keep you healthy. We are introducing express classes free for all users of Thrive.  Click on the links below to view the workouts.  Have fun and stay healthy!!
Dr. Greenapple (Mindfulness/Meditation)
15 Minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation Exercise
Arthur (Cardio Strength)
NEW: Simple Exercises for working through injuries
Cardio Strength
20 Minute Cardio Strength
Mary Dare (Cardio Strength)
NEW: 25 Minute High-Intensity Interval Workout (HIIT)
NEW: 25 Minute Ladder Workout
25 Minute Cardio Strength
28 Minute Cardio Strength
24 Minute Interval Workout
Juliana (Cardio Strength)
Class 1
Class 2
20 Minute Full-Body Workout
Lower Body Workout with Glute Focus
Claire (Yoga & Yoga Fusion)
NEW: Low Impact Fusion Class 20 Minutes
NEW: Simple 20 Minute Yoga Flow
Yoga Flow
Exercise Set Demo
25 Minute Yoga Flow
25 Minute Yoga Fusion
20 Minute Yoga Flow Express
Jen (Pilates)
NEW: 20 Minutes Slow Yoga Flow
NEW: 20 Minute Yoga
Pilates I
Dawn (Yoga)
Class 1-20 Minute Twisting Session
Class 2-20 Minute Simple Flow Sequence
Yoga Basics 1
Yoga Basics 2
30 Min Twist/Turn Flow for Walkers & Runners
Suzanne (Yoga)
Power Flow
Deep Stretch
40 Minute Vinyasa Flow
1 Hour Vinyasa Flow (NEW)
Isabel (Meditation)
Meditation Routine

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