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Thriver Spotlight: Lisa Lysinger

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Thriver Spotlight: Lisa Lysinger

Lisa is one of our talented professionals at the front desk. There’s a good chance if you’ve ever called into the office, you’ve spoken to Lisa.

She’s a proud App State mom and we’re happy to have her. Get to know a bit about Lisa in this Thriver Spotlight.

What’s your name?

Lisa Lysinger

What is your super power at Thrive?

Investigative Skills

What’s so special about Thrive?

Thrive is special because everyone shares the same goal – to provide care for body, mind, and spirit.

Where did you grow up?

New Castle, Delaware

Any Activities/Hobbies outside of Thrive?

Working on meditating more and learning more about essential oils and making blends.

If you could recommend one thing to someone new coming to thrive it would be?

To take advantage of the yoga/exercise classes that are offered. The teachers are extraordinary!

What is your definition of Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine tries to find root causes for symptoms so that hopefully you can add supplements, make diet changes and/or exercise more instead of needing more prescriptions.

The best part about an appointment?

The doctor is able to spend a quality amount of time with you.

What’s on your Netflix Que?

Anything supernatural

Dog Kisses on the mouth


What does Jordan do that annoys you?

His belief that Coldplay is the greatest band.

What’s your favorite class at Thrive? Why?

Cardio Sculpt

If you could have one Super Power, what would it be?


Do you believe pineapple should be on pizza? (Gluten-Free, of course)

Stephen Fogg

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