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Thriver Yoga Spotlight: Angie Davis

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Thriver Yoga Spotlight: Angie Davis

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With a compassionate, warm and encouraging teaching style. Angie Davis develops sequences that build strength and cultivate awareness in the body. Get to know her in this edition of the Thriver Spotlight!

  • What’s your name?

    • Angie Davis
  • What is your superpower at Thrive?

    • I teach yoga!
  • What’s so special about Thrive?

    • The environment is nurturing, kind, and supportive.
  • Where did you grow up?

    • Lincolnton, NC
  • Any Activities/Hobbies outside of Thrive?

    • I love spending time with my family (husband, babies, fur babies) and I am in graduate school studying human nutrition and metabolism.
  • If you could recommend one thing to someone new coming to thrive it would be?

    • Be prepared to get wowed! As far as yoga, classes are small, non-intimidating, non-competitive. Instructors are supportive and kind…we are grateful for our students and want to see students achieve his or her goals.
  • What is your definition of Functional Medicine?

    • Addressing the root cause of disease/problem/ailment is essential in functional medicine. As a psychologist studying nutrition, I believe addressing the root cause (not only the symptoms) is extremely important and inclusive of therapy, medicine, and nutrition. It is the only way to achieving sustainable success and wellness. I love that Thrive approaches medicine through holistic modalities, as well as, science.
  • The best part about an appointment? What is the best piece of information you could give to a new patient?

    • Ask questions and relax.
  • What’s on your Netflix Que?

    • Queer Eye…the fab five are my soul sisters!
  • Dog Kisses on the mouth

    • Hell Yes
  • What does Jordan do that annoys you?

    • OMG! His handwriting!! I can never read which check is mine. Otherwise, he is the most perfect, precious human.
  • What’s your favorite class at Thrive? Why?

    • Vinyasa yoga. I love yoga and different yoga flows. Connecting breath with movement feels so good in the body.
  • If you could have one Super Power, what would it be?

    • Strength-physical and mental
  • Do you believe pineapple should be on pizza? (Gluten-Free, of course)

    • No

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