Thriving through the Holidays: Gifts of Health, Wellness and Generosity

Thriving through the Holidays: Gifts of Health, Wellness, and Generosity


The holiday season is marked by food, family and of course gifts. Gift-giving is not only a big contributor to the stress of the season but also a big contributor to trash and waste. Americans throw out 25 percent more garbage between Thanksgiving and Christmas and some of the trash includes new Christmas gifts. A little mindfulness during gift selection can not only help to reduce this waste but may also please the recipients more than that last-minute holiday tie purchase.

Healthy Experiences and Services Ideas

  • Membership to a local Museum (Mint Museum or Bechtler Museum of Modern Art) or a Botanical Garden (Daniel Stowe)
  • Membership to Whitewater Center (
  • Photography classes at The Light Factory (
  • Gift Card for Cooking Classes or Nutrition classes. Watch for new programs at Thrive in 2020- Let Food Be Thy Medicine and A Place to Start Cooking Classes
  • A gift card for a massage or facial
  • Gift Membership for a Year of Health and Wellness ( Thriver


Healthy Books and Subscription Ideas

  • Subscription to Experience Life magazine
  • Dr. Michael Gregor’s “How Not to Diet” book out in early December
  • Dr. Mark Hymans book and cookbook “What the Heck Should I Eat” and What the Heck Should I Eat Cookbook


Healthy Consumables



Healthy Charitable Organizations

  • Donate in gift recipients name to a non-profit or charity and get a tax deduction too
  • Environmental Working Group has a special gift to accompany your donation. A non-profit, non-partisan group formed 20 years ago to protect citizens health and the environment.
  • Youth Meditation A donation of $375 will provide an 8 week course to 25 students
  • 4 Ocean – Buy a bracelet, reusable bags or water bottle with your donation to 4 Ocean a clean-up project removing plastics from our waterways and oceans.



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