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Understanding Viveve's Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

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Understanding Viveve's Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

Our primary goal at Thrive is to optimize our patients’ health and well-being and foster vitality in mind, body, and spirit at every age.

We encourage nutrient-rich diets, regular exercise, and a dedicated focus on self-care. However, one topic not as openly discussed is that of sexual health.

Over the years, childbirth, menopause, aging, and gravity can take a toll on women’s vaginal tissues.

The muscles, ligaments, and fascia within the vaginal canal become weaker and, as a result, can impact bladder function and sexual intimacy. Fortunately, there is an increasing number of non-invasive options to address these issues. The physicians at Thrive have been offering Viveve non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment over the past few years to improve women’s lives (and the lives of their significant other). This outpatient treatment is yet one other modality we are pleased to offer to address full-body optimal health. 

Viveve is a safe and effective office-based vaginal rejuvenation treatment that focuses on stimulating the body’s natural collagen formation process.

Viveve utilizes innovative cryogen cooled monopolar radiofrequency technology. This stimulates the body’s natural collagen formation and improves feminine wellness. Viveve is clinically proven to target: 

  • The stress of Urge Incontinence (S.U.I.) 
  • Vaginal lubrication or painful intercourse 
  • Quality and intensity of climax 
  • Vaginal sensitivity 
  • Vaginal laxity (looseness or overstretched vaginal wall) 

The Viveve treatment applies gentle pulses of radiofrequency with cutting-edge dual mode equipment.

This technology triggers your body’s own collagen formation, generating a more youthful tone and resiliency through softer tissue. This advanced non-invasive approach cools and protects the procedural surface while heating and energizing deeper tissue, providing a safe and efficient treatment. Viveve continues to be involved in ongoing research to support improved outcomes for women struggling with stress incontinence, including an expanded upcoming clinical trial (U.S. Pursuit trial). 

A 30-minute Viveve session requires no anesthesia and is painless.

There is no downtime allowing women to resume their regular activities the same day as treatment. While results are not immediate, women will gradually notice improvements in tightness, sensation, and sexual satisfaction as collagen supply increases. We recommend a consultation and examination with one of the providers before treatment to ensure proper screening and exclusion of other underlying problems. As board-certified gynecologists Thrive physicians are uniquely trained to address a women’s intimate concerns about bladder and sexual health. 
Additional information regarding Viveve treatment frequently asked questions, and our upcoming special pricing can be found on our website. We remain committed to addressing total body wellness and optimal health through expanded conventional, integrative, and functional medicine practices. 

Vaginal Laxity and Urinary Incontinence

Women struggling with a strong need to urinate and difficulty getting to the toilet in time, maybe 

suffering from urge incontinence. This difficulty is somewhat similar to stress incontinence, the inability to prevent leaking urine when coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercising. These forms of urinary incontinence are more common among women, especially postpartum, postmenopausal, and menopausal women. Incontinence in menopausal and postmenopausal women is most often due to decreased collagen levels and the deterioration of estrogen. This reduces the vulvovaginal mucosa and leads to vaginal laxity. The clinically proven Viveve treatment option can improve urinary incontinence by tackling vaginal laxity through a non-invasive, low-risk application of heat to the vaginal wall. As the collagen tissue is repaired and regenerated, the vaginal wall becomes more toned and flexible, improving your body’s ability to properly manage urine flow. 

Post-Childbirth Vaginal Laxity

Following childbirth, women often struggle with vaginal laxity, a common difficulty that can cause reduced sexual sensitivity and urinary incontinence. This vaginal looseness and overstretched tissue often result from the expansion of the vagina to accommodate a baby. At the same time, it makes its way through the birth canal. Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth. Mothers suffering from the symptoms of vaginal laxity can see improvements following just one Viveve treatment. As soon as 8 to 12 weeks following childbirth, mothers looking for enhanced feminine wellness can receive innovative treatment and find rejuvenated vaginal sensitivity and decreased laxity. 

Sexual Sensitivity

Vaginal laxity may often affect women in regards to decrease vaginal sensitivity or inadequate climax sensations during sex. The instigation of these detriments may stem from a variety of conditions. Including a hormone imbalance, age, a medical condition, or following childbirth. A lack of vaginal rigidity and sensitivity can cause difficulties in sexual stimulation over time. Still, thankfully the innovative Viveve treatment option may provide desired improvements. Viveve applies radio frequencies to repair existing tissue to restore the elastin and collagen that make for a healthy, tight, and sensitive vagina. This stimulation can help improve climaxes’ quality and intensity while creating a more sensational experience for you and your partner. By generating a natural rejuvenation of your tissue, Viveve encourages the vaginal wall to provide more lubrication and sensitivity during sex while providing long-lasting and effective results. 
Typically, you will enjoy the full benefits of Geneveve in about three months, and the results can last up to 12 months or longer. Repeat treatment sessions are possible with this vaginal rejuvenation procedure to maintain tightness in the vaginal wall.” 
Modern medicine has accepted the challenge, and women now have several affordable options to choose from. However, the biggest problem is that most vaginal rejuvenation procedures offered by plastic surgeons are invasive and require a lot of time to recover. Women now have access to less invasive, vaginal rejuvenation options. In many cases, those options are also the better solution for permanently addressing your problem. One of the most popular treatments many women opt for is the Geneveve treatment. 

Stephen Fogg

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