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What is Functional Medicine?

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What is Functional Medicine?

What is Functional Medicine?Functional Medicine has a few names, some call it Integrative others might call it Holistic.

However, the root Functional medicine is the medical practice that focuses on having your body and organs function at an optimal level usually incorporating multiple systems to solve the root cause of your health problems. You do not necessarily need to have a disease to benefit from incorporating functional medicine in your daily routine.

Here are a few focal points of Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is

  • Aims to get to the root cause of disease by identifying what is contributing to the problem
  • Treats the whole individual, not just the organ system.
  • Teaches individuals how to eat, think and be healthy by engaging them in their own healthcare.
  • Integrates the best of traditional Western Medicine with alternative evidence based approach to create a holistic treatment
  • Understands we’re all genetically unique and a personalized health care approach towards healing treats the individual, not the disease.
  • Knows that your body is a powerful tool, having the capacity to self-regulate, providing an active balance of all your body systems.
  • Knows that your body can heal itself and prevent many diseases associated with aging.
  • Provides all the tools needed to live healthy and vibrant lives.
  • Uses evidence based research and the latest in laboratory testing, diagnostics, and medical therapies

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