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Adding Meditation To Your Toolbox

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Adding Meditation To Your Toolbox

Meditation plays a bigger and bigger role in our society just as yoga did at its early stages in 2000, and 20 years later part of our society.

Isabel Shankle has been teaching yoga and meditation for more than 20 years

Meditation is one more necessary tool in the “ toolbox” to learn to cope with life’s challenges. The question is , how do we deal with our challenges in the best possible way.

During this pandemic many people have been connecting and reconnecting all over the world virtually, holding space for one another, feeling the truth, and being part of a community.

The body- the breath- is able to release any emotion, any pain by paying attention to the inner body as well as the outer body with patience and forgiveness.


We are able to heal ourselves finding a relationship to the breath through practice. Since February 1, I have been able to heal myself from trauma in my life on a deeper level , when I couldn’t receive particular treatments due to Corona.

We were in quarantine, and I had to be in solitude facing myself with no family in town.As you know, doctors were not available for a period of time, businesses were closing down, we were/are all forced to slow down. Meditation and yoga became part of my everyday routine and part of healing myself.

We are looking forward to offer Meditation/Mindfulness at Thrive again.

Namaste. Isabel Shankle

Stephen Fogg

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