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Thriver Spotlight: Jordan Archer

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Thriver Spotlight: Jordan Archer

You might not know him but Jordan is the person who keeps Thrive… well Thriving.

He runs the show…or at least tries to keep up!  As the only close to full-time male hanging out at Thrive, each day is a road filled with lots of adventure.   One minute he’s downstairs catching up with whoever is working that day and the next minute, up giving the nurses a hard time about their boyfriends. We’re all grateful Jordan is here and couldn’t imagine this place without him. Get to know him in this Thriver Spotlight.

What is your superpower at Thrive?

Working hard to make sure everyone enjoys coming in to work each day and feels valued.

What’s so special about Thrive?

The people & culture we have created.

Where did you grow up?

The QC.

Any Activities/Hobbies outside of Thrive?

Friends & Family, Golf, Red Wine.

If you could recommend one thing to someone new coming to thrive it would be?

Become a Thriver (membership). It is the best value in town and you have the comfort of having Thrive in your back pocket for whatever needs arise.

What is your definition of Functional Medicine?

Taking a preventive and whole body approach to solving some of the greatest medical challenges our society faces today.

Best part about an appointment? What is the best piece of information you could give to a new patient.

Come prepared to make the best use of your extended time with your provider.

What’s on your Netflix Que?

Nancy told me to stay away from the screens!

Dog Kisses on the mouth


What does Jordan do that annoys you?

Not going to answer that, since I do plenty that annoys others!

What’s your favorite class at Thrive? Why?

Mary Dare–she lets me leave in the middle when I need a break.

If you could have one Super Power, what would it be?


Do you believe pineapple should be on pizza? (Gluten-Free, of course)

Stephen Fogg

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