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Monday Motivation: Elimination Diet & Food Sensitivity

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Monday Motivation: Elimination Diet & Food Sensitivity

Happy Monday! I’m Harlee Palmer, PA here at Thrive. As functional medicine providers, we often say that food is medicine.

Yet, most of us make food choices throughout the day without really considering how it is impacting us.

If you paused for a moment and really checked in with your body, how do you feel? Are you tired, bloated, irritable? Do your joints hurt, have headaches, acne, acid reflux? Maybe your hormones are out of balance? Food intolerances can trigger some of these symptoms and the best and most affordable way to figure this out is an elimination diet.

An elimination diet is the gold standard for figuring out which foods make you feel great and which create some of the symptoms I mentioned.

So what does it involve? It is the process of removing foods that are the most likely to cause symptoms. Anti-inflammatory, healing foods are emphasized. At the end of 30 days, the foods eliminated are reintroduced to see if they cause any symptoms. While the focus is on discovering your food intolerances, an elimination diet has additional benefits.

Many people feel more energetic as a result of eating nutrient-dense food. You might sleep better, perform better, and think more clearly.

You’ll be supporting your immune system by reducing the amount of inflammation and allowing the gut to heal. I’ll take those side effects any day!

We are offering our 5-week elimination diet series.

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You will learn all about preparing your kitchen, what to expect and how to navigate roadblocks. Included are weekly check-ins with myself and our registered dietician Annette. More information is available on our website. I hope you will consider joining us and see for yourself – the power of an elimination diet.
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