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Artificial Sweeteners, Obesity and Diabetes

Artificial Sweeteners, Obesity and Diabetes From DrMirkin.com  Virtually all scientists agree that North Americans need to reduce their intake of sugar. But their views on artificial sweeteners are not as clear. Increasing evidence is showing that artificial sweeteners are not good substitutes for sugar. In a new study, people who took sucralose (an artificial sweetener) for just one week developed signs of insulin resistance and diabetes, such as: • increased cellular sugar uptake, • increased fat formation, • signs of inflammation and • higher rises in insulin and triglycerides. The overweight people in the study developed the highest rises in these markers of diabetes (The Endocrine Society's annual meeting, March 20, 2018, Abstract SUN-071). The higher the dose of sucralose, the higher the rise in the markers of risk for diabetes. This study...