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Limiting Sugar Intake

https://vimeo.com/407960274   [maxbutton id="4" url="https://thrivecarolinas.com/evisit/" text="Schedule an eVisit!" ] [maxbutton id="4" url="https://thrivecarolinas.com/healthy-life/thrive-online-lecture-series/" text="Download Thrive Lecture!" ] [maxbutton id="4" url="https://thrivecarolinas.com/in-the-kitchen/thrive-online-cookbook-grocery-shopping-list/" text="Download Thrive Cookbook!" ]...

Monday Motivation: The Case Against Cola

A 20 oz Cola has 17 tsp of sugar and is associated with an increased risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.   [embed]https://vimeo.com/342080072[/embed]   The caramel coloring is linked to cancer and vascular abnormalities. Drinking diet Cola can cause a 2-fold reduction in kidney function. If that is not enough maybe hearing some other uses for Cola will make you think twice before cracking open a can…. Remove Rust You can use Cola to take rust off wheel spokes or other outdoor equipment ladened with rust. The phosphoric acid in the cola is responsible for this process. You can also use to loosen rusted bolts. Bring an old battery to life… If your car battery is dead you can use cola to clear oxidized terminals on the battery. It is...


Artificial Sweeteners, Obesity and Diabetes

Artificial Sweeteners, Obesity and Diabetes From DrMirkin.com  Virtually all scientists agree that North Americans need to reduce their intake of sugar. But their views on artificial sweeteners are not as clear. Increasing evidence is showing that artificial sweeteners are not good substitutes for sugar. In a new study, people who took sucralose (an artificial sweetener) for just one week developed signs of insulin resistance and diabetes, such as: • increased cellular sugar uptake, • increased fat formation, • signs of inflammation and • higher rises in insulin and triglycerides. The overweight people in the study developed the highest rises in these markers of diabetes (The Endocrine Society's annual meeting, March 20, 2018, Abstract SUN-071). The higher the dose of sucralose, the higher the rise in the markers of risk for diabetes. This study...

Dijon Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

This Dijon Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing is a staple in our home. Our kids love it and prefer it over those creamy dressings like Ranch and Thousand Island. Dress up your next salad or chicken dish with this heart healthy dressing or marinade that stays good in your fridge and is perfect to whip up in a flash. We recommend adding this dressing to your next healthy tomato and feta field greens salad or used as a marinade for grilled chicken breast. Ingredients 2 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar 2 tbsp Red Wine Vinegar 2 tbsp Dijon Mustard (or your favorite variation) 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) 1 tsp Sugar Kosher salt to taste Pepper to taste Combine Red Wine & Balsamic vinegar, Dijon Mustard and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) into small bowl and combine with whisk...