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COVID Long Haulers mitochondria

Motivation: Long Haulers COVID & Mitochondria

In this Motivation, Dr. Fletcher talks about “Long Haulers” COVID + the role of mitochondria (or the powerhouses in our cells). Join Dr. Fletcher as she talks about how to support mitochondrial health. If you are experiencing long haulers, schedule an appointment with our office.   ...

Laughter can be the best medicine, particularly during a Pandemic

The last 18 months have been a challenge for all of us in ways we are still understanding. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic left many feeling like victims, powerless against this deadly virus. We became dependent on a government and a healthcare system that used fear to drive our decisions. The exposure of CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester’s death toll ticker was formulated to keep people in fear and to drive up ratings by keeping people glued to the TV. There was no compassion. His explanation? “If it bleeds it leads”. The government and healthcare system have also driven the learned helplessness and victim mentality with promises to “Save the Day” with a vaccine and government funding which will miraculously get us out of the pandemic. Here...

Monday Motivation: Acupuncture for COVID-19: Loss of Smell and Taste

https://vimeo.com/504140735   Dr. Scott Greenapple The primary long haul or lingering effects from COVID 19 are loss of sense of smell and taste. From the research, approximately 85% of COVID -19 patients will experience some subjective disturbance in their sense of smell. The median return of smell is about eight days. It is estimated that 25% of patients lose their sense of smell up to 60 days, and 15% experience loss of smell more than 60 days. An interesting retro study showed that patients who maintained their sense of smell and taste had more severe symptoms of the disease and were more likely to go to the hospital and even be put on ventilators. The ones who lost their sense of smell and taste had milder cases. A recent controlled clinical...