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Laughter can be the best medicine, particularly during a Pandemic

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Laughter can be the best medicine, particularly during a Pandemic

Nancy A. Palermo MDThe last 18 months have been a challenge for all of us in ways we are still understanding.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic left many feeling like victims, powerless against this deadly virus. We became dependent on a government and a healthcare system that used fear to drive our decisions. The exposure of CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester’s death toll ticker was formulated to keep people in fear and to drive up ratings by keeping people glued to the TV. There was no compassion. His explanation? “If it bleeds it leads”.

The government and healthcare system have also driven the learned helplessness and victim mentality with promises to “Save the Day” with a vaccine and government funding which will miraculously get us out of the pandemic.

Here we are 18+ months later frustrated, divided, and deeply stressed, and unhealthy. The shutdown has taken a dangerous toll on our already present poor health, obesity and stress, and mental disorders. The conversations lost in translation during all of this is the power of our bodies and our immune system and what we could be doing now to optimize our health and to optimize our response. Now a year and a half from its break we are still fighting the pandemic and left feeling helpless again. The Delta surge and uptick in hospitalizations and deaths have us back where we started. Many again feel helpless and at risk.

At Thrive Personalized Health and Wellness we have always encouraged patients through education which motivates and empowers them.

We want to remind you the body has amazing resilience when given an optimal environment and our focus needs to be on focusing on the things that make a difference. We must focus on the health of our bodies and our minds and we must focus on what we can do NOW to make a difference. Over 80% of those with COVID survive and of those hospitalized who do eventually die, 94% have comorbidities like obesity, heart disease, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes. Many of these individuals had more than two comorbidities. There is significant science that shows addressing our health through diet, lifestyle and environment can be the most protective tool along with the vaccine and safety precautions put into place, especially for those at the greatest risk.

IN-Q, bestselling author of the book “Inquire Within” tackles subjects of love, loss, forgiveness, and belief through rhythmic poems and deep growth and empowerment. His poem “Superheros” reminds us that we are the true heroes of our lives and our health. When we change our perspective, we change our thoughts and our beliefs, and ultimately our health. Let this poem be a healing reminder of the power in you.

When I think of superheroes, I think of superhumans. I think of Superman, Black Panther, and Wonder Woman. Usually, they have a cape or a mask to hide their face, they have x-ray vision and superhuman strength. Some can even breathe in outer space, they fly around a while, but they always come back to keep our cities safe. They’re here to save humanity from itself. It’s a metaphor for how we look outside ourselves for help, and while the fantasies are fun, I choose to look to me and you. Yeah, we love superheroes, but we have superpowers too.

Ooh! I mean, it starts with being open to this moment. If you do, then you can own it. Besides, it’ll be gone before you know it, so don’t blow it. You owe it to this second of eternity to show up, embrace the possibilities and show up. Take a breath, look around, see the sights, hear the sounds, feel the ground, notice how the gravity holds you down. You could be anywhere in the world and yet you’re here.

When you embrace it as your own, you can overcome any fear, and real courage is looking into the mirror. It’s deciding what you want to do, then making it appear it’s creating out of thin air. You must be doing something right if you got scared. Otherwise, you wouldn’t care. It’s a process to get here to there. We’re on the journey and we’re learning, but building muscle means you’re going to feel some burning so don’t deny it, simplify it, try it, see if it can work for you.

Change perspective to get a different view and don’t forget, you got to laugh at the truth, ’cause sometimes a sense of humor is the only thing that pulls you through. It’s medicine if you can let it in. An attitude of gratitude will bubble up from within, so even when the storm clouds block the blue from your sky, you’ll remember that the sun is waiting for you on the other side.

And having fun is something we must decide from the lows to the highs. It’s all a part of the ride. I could throw my hands up or I could hold on for dear life, but I’d rather live once than have to go to hell twice. Compassion is my passion. Empathy is my gift, but my growth is incremental as my consciousness shifts, so I create from the abyss, turning my pain into gold. I’m an alchemist, an optimist, and an authentic soul. I believe that life is good, even when it hurts to see. I believe in superpowers, and I believe in you and me.

I believe in superheroes, but I don’t look for them above, because they exist inside us all, and we save the day of love. Keep loving through your sadness. Keep loving through your fears. Keep loving through your anger. Keep loving from your tears. Keep loving through your failure. Keep loving through success. Keep loving through anxiety. Keep loving through distress. Keep loving through rejection. Keep loving through mistrust. Keep loving through the changes. Keep loving through death. Keep loving through your movement. Keep loving through your breath. Keep loving until loving is the only thing that’s left.

Thrive Carolinas

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