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Getting To Know Dr. Amy Fletcher

My name is Amy Fletcher. After 16 years in private practice Ob/Gyn, I left to pursue my own practice which would align with my values on health and healing. At this point only one of a handful of doctors currently board-certified in both Ob/Gyn and Integrative Medicine. I completed additional training throughout the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine program under the direction of Dr. Andrew Weil.  Currently, I'm working towards a certification in Functional Medicine along with additional training seminars in nutrition, wellness, and integrative healthcare. My passion for health and wellness that is rooted in midwest soil. This is a result of being raised in a small southwest Wisconsin town. My grandfathers, one a country doctor; the other a farmer inspire me to help heal the root...

Why Time Affects Patient Satisfaction

Are you spending less time with your provider? You’re not alone. Average time spent with doctors is decreasing. Many people are turning to Independent Practices like Thrive Wellness to receive the personalized care they deserve. Online medical resource Medscape released its 2016 Physicians Compensation Report. It features data from more than 19,200 doctors in 25 specialties. More importantly it includes information on how many minutes (on average) doctors say they spend with each patient. The most common answer reported was between 13 and 16 minutes. Patient satisfaction increases when doctors spend more time with them. Thrive Wellness spends up to 1 hour in the initial consultation and is focused on making a difference with patient satisfaction. This often means increasing our time spent with patients. In August 2017, we conducted a...