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Getting To Know Dr. Amy Fletcher

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Getting To Know Dr. Amy Fletcher

Dr. Amy Fletcher

My name is Amy Fletcher.

After 16 years in private practice Ob/Gyn, I left to pursue my own practice which would align with my values on health and healing.

At this point only one of a handful of doctors currently board-certified in both Ob/Gyn and Integrative Medicine. I completed additional training throughout the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine program under the direction of Dr. Andrew Weil.  Currently, I’m working towards a certification in Functional Medicine along with additional training seminars in nutrition, wellness, and integrative healthcare.
My passion for health and wellness that is rooted in midwest soil. This is a result of being raised in a small southwest Wisconsin town. My grandfathers, one a country doctor; the other a farmer inspire me to help heal the root cause problems. We need more doctors that do this. Our healthcare system is failing us and the massive influx of processed food and their reliance on the standard American diet would astound my grandfathers.
My passion for Women’s Health combined with an undergraduate degree in Health Fitness and Exercise Science, lead me down a path towards medical school and my chosen profession of Ob/Gyn.  I have a lifelong goal to provide women of all ages medical care and guidance to achieve optimal lifelong well being.

The energy of endurance sports and the power of the mind/body connection drives me.

Above all, the human body is an amazing machine. When cared for properly it can endure unfathomable challenges and achieve great feats.  Mind, body and spirit come into play. In my opinion, nowhere have I seen this more displayed than while competing in Ironman triathlons.  Training and participating in endurance events, much like medical education, has taught me so much about myself, my goals, and my aspirations.   As a personal and professional advocate for wellness, I strive to place value of prevention and intrinsic healing back into healthcare.
I welcome you to stop by our practice for a tour. We would love to show you why Thrive embodies my lifelong goal to help women achieve lifelong well being!

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