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Thriver Spotlight: Meghan Horsey

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Thriver Spotlight: Meghan Horsey

A recent ECU graduate, Meghan is one of our great Nurses at Thrive. When she’s not at the office she’s off studying to become a Physician Assistant. We’re proud to have Meghan and hope you enjoy learning a bit about her in this Thriver Spotlight!

What’s your name?

Meghan Horsey

What is your superpower at Thrive?

Talking and connecting with patients.

What’s so special about Thrive?

How much each doctor truly cares about their patients. Everyone is extremely positive and welcoming.

Where did you grow up?

Charlotte, NC

Any Activities/Hobbies outside of Thrive?


If you could recommend one thing to someone new coming to thrive it would be?

Come in with an open mind and try new things.

What is your definition of Functional Medicine?

Trying to get to the root of a problem by looking at different aspects of your life, from the food you eat, your environment, or the amount of stress you are under. By better understanding why something is happening and what is causing it, it allows you to get completely better and takes care of an issue that you might not have even known you had.

The best part about an appointment? What is the best piece of information you could give to a new patient?

The amount of time you get to spend with the doctors. Don’t be afraid to be completely open and honest with your doctor because they genuinely want to help you.

What’s on your Netflix Que?

Parks and Rec

Dog Kisses on the mouth?

Hell Yes

What does Jordan do that annoys you?

“So when are you guys (Ashton/Meghan) getting engaged?” He cares about all of us and he really is the best boss.

What’s your favorite class at Thrive? Why?

CardioSculpt with Julianna and Mary Dare, yoga with Jen Julianna and Mary Dare are both super upbeat and get your heart rate up. I always have a great workout with them. Jen is the best yoga/Pilates teacher ever! Also the best mom ever.

If you could have one Super Power, what would it be?


Do you believe pineapple should be on pizza? (Gluten-Free, of course)

I’ll eat it, but I will be protesting silently
Stephen Fogg

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