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Why Do a Detox??

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Why Do a Detox??

Why Is Detoxing The Body So Important?

Here is the cruel reality: our bodies are exposed to numerous toxins each day. These toxins include environmental toxins, chemical pollutants in the air we breathe, and toxins from our food and beverages.  Although your body has an amazing ability to remove these harmful toxins, they continue to accumulate and can have many negative effects on your body. Your organs can become bogged down, and toxicity can manifest in your body through a wide variety of symptoms. Many of the symptoms are vague and persistent.

To see if you are experiencing some of the negative effects of your toxic load, consider completing an MSQ questionnaire ( see below ). This may provide you with the motivation to consider a detox program. A score of 15 or higher indicates you would benefit from such a program. Detoxing the body with a healthy detox program can help remove harmful toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, and excess waste from your body. After 2 weeks, many of the symptoms are gone. Many individuals are amazed at the difference in their MSQ scores after only 2 weeks.

The Health Benefits of Detoxing the Body

A personal detox program can be simple yet impressively effective. Given the number of toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis, detoxing the body is not only beneficial but necessary. Although a detox program is one of the best ways to rid your body of toxins that slow your body down and make it unhealthy, not all of these programs are created equally.

It is crucial to choose a smart, safe, and well-organized detox program. 

A program with you drinking juice all day or eating no food is probably not the best. Making sure the program is free of preservatives, gluten, fillers, and, well, toxins is important, too. The Thrive Detox protocol is designed to not only assist in detoxing the body but also replenish and restore your body back to a healthy balance from the inside out. Still not convinced? Here are 9 incredible benefits of detoxing the body with a healthy detox program.

1. Improved Energy

When your body is bombarded with toxins, you may feel tired and easily fatigued. The detoxification system takes energy, but removing toxins is a priority for your body. There are many reasons we are all tired, but an overloaded detoxification system is a common one. Chronic fatigue can make it impossible to perform even your most basic day-to-day responsibilities, let alone enjoy life. Instead of turning to caffeine and sugar to keep you going, there’s a much healthier and more effective solution — detoxification. After a proper detox program, you will feel an inner and outer rejuvenation.

By detoxing your body, it will function better and boost your energy throughout the day. It’s vital to stay well hydrated while on any detox program, and that can also be a source of increased energy if you typically don’t get enough water throughout the day.

2. Healthier Skin and Anti-Aging

Our skin is one of the ways our body tries to remove unwanted toxins and debris. Often, skin problems stem from a body overloaded with toxins. Detoxing the body can help provide clearer, smoother, and healthier skin. When your body is subjected to a toxin overload, these toxins try to escape through your pores. This can cause acne, body odor, poor complexion, and premature aging. When you detox, you eliminate these toxins, and many people notice improvements within a few days.

3. Help with Weight Loss

Weight gain can result from a build-up of toxins, secondary inflammation, and/or a poor diet. In addition, the body stores toxins in fat, which can drive further inflammation. The act of removing the dietary contributions of inflammation and toxicity is helpful enough, but by cleansing and detoxing the body, these toxins can be eliminated and may result in weight loss. It’s easy to see how a detox program would cause you to lose weight in a short amount of time. But if you are really looking to lose weight and improve your health, it’s important to establish healthier eating habits after detoxing the body. The goal of our program is to reset you so you can continue the healthy habits throughout the year.

4. Stronger Immune System

Our immune system requires a lot of energy and support to function optimally. When an overload of toxins burdens us, the immune system may be compromised. Do you feel sick a bit too often? A system congested with toxins will result in a poor immune system. A poor immune system will make your body vulnerable to colds, the flu, and other viruses. Detoxing the body helps free up your organs to function as they should. This gives your immune system a boost since you’ll be able to absorb nutrients better, including Vitamin C. A healthy detox program goes a long way in keeping you healthy and firing on all cylinders.

5. Stress Relief

Stress is inevitable, but how we adapt to stress is key. The lack of poor nutrition and too many toxins impair your mental capacity. Detoxing is known to assist in developing coping strategies for stress. Healthy adrenals help the body and mind cope and deal with everyday stress without getting overwhelmed. Toxins can lead to inflammation, which can affect our brain and nervous system and mess with our emotions, leading to irritability, anxiety, depression, and a decreased tolerance for stress.

Detoxing the body can help you think more clearly, balance emotions, and dramatically reduce stress levels. Plus, when you feel better, you can tackle difficult situations more readily.

6. Clearer Thinking and Mental Alertness

When toxins circulate through your body, they inevitably reach the brain and central nervous system. These toxins may leave you feeling lethargic and affect your ability to concentrate. A build-up of toxins can also lead to poor sleeping patterns, anxiety, and depression. One of the most reported effects of the detox program is improved sleep. This can have a profound impact on everything we do. Detoxing the body has been proven to help with these symptoms, as well as improving your mental alertness.

7. Healthier Hair

Many environmental toxins get absorbed through the hair follicle. The hair shaft then becomes a reservoir for these chemicals. This alone can affect how our hair appears, but then we throw chemicals in our cleaning and styling processes, and our hair looks pretty spent. When you can see your hair, it’s already considered dead, as all its growth occurs within the hair follicle. This is why it’s important to keep your body functioning at its full potential. When your hair is able to grow uninhibited by internal toxins, you’ll see and feel the difference in your hair. In many instances, hair gets shinier and feels softer to the touch. Many people have even reported that detoxing their bodies has helped their hair grow more quickly, which is a great sign of healthier hair.

8. Better Breath

We do not think of the mouth as the entrance of our gut, but it is the first stop. Often, symptoms occurring in our mouth can be indicators of issues further down in the gastrointestinal system. It’s been theorized that one contributor to bad breath is dysbiosis (disrupted gut microbiome) and/or a system overwhelmed or backed up with toxins.

Our GI tract is involved in the detoxification process and aids in removing the byproducts of toxin breakdown, but if it is not optimally doing this, things can get backed up in the colon. During a detox, you are able to clear out the toxins in your colon and get your digestive system functioning well again. As a result, your breath may see a natural improvement over the coming weeks. Keep in mind, however, that your breath may actually worsen while the toxins are being released. This is natural and will improve once you are finished with your detox.

9. Improved Sense of Health Optimization and Well-Being

A detox is a great reset, and we all can use a reset!! Detoxing can provide an improved sense of well-being, and it is a great way to introduce a change in your lifestyle for the better. When you detox, you feel good, and when you feel good, you are motivated to maintain healthy habits and continue the process of optimizing your health. Whatever your reason for starting a detox diet, whether losing weight or lowering stress, it is important to keep the positive changes long after the detox program.

Sticking to an improved diet and getting daily exercise are great ways to ensure you feel good each moment of your life.

Detoxing the Body with a Healthy Detox Program

Thrive Personalized Healthcare and Wellness has designed a supported Detox program to help individuals naturally remove harmful toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, and excess waste from your body. While the kidneys, the liver, and the gut naturally detoxify the body’s systems, by embarking on a safe and healthy detox program, you can give an added boost to the process. In our current environment, toxic overload causes more toxins than the body can naturally excrete, so any help you can give is always a bonus.

It is our goal to help you not only detox your body during the program but also to continue to remove toxins from your personal environment to help optimize your post-detox health. We provide the education and support to keep you on the right path even after the program is complete.


Are you toxic?

If you have not already, take the Medical Symptom Questionnaire.  The symptoms in the evaluation are often seen in toxic overload. If you score over a 15 on the Detox, then this Detox program is right for you. If you scored over 30, you probably have a high toxic load, and you should still proceed with the program, but be sure to ask for guidance to optimize your results.

With higher toxic loads, there may be a slower incremental increase in the supplements. Be sure to repeat the MSQ Questionnaire after you complete the 14-day program and see how you’ve improved.

Do You Need A Detox?  Assessing Your Toxic Load

Stephen Fogg

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